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We collaborate and build in our decentralized maker community located in Gatineau. We use permaculture (ecological design) and sustainable (or appropriate) technology: Aquaponics, multi-stage water barrels, rocket-stove ovens, low-tech gardening, reuse building technology and many other projects. Our locations are in Hull and beyond - and could be in your space as well, however we are centred around Gatineau. This group is intended as an incubator for sustainable businesses, sharing knowledge, skills and tools while forming a stronger, more resilient community.
Themes: Ecological Engineering and design, Appropriate Technology
- Buckminster Fuller (see the film "Ecological Design: Inventing the future")
- E.F. Schumacher - "Small is Beautiful"
- Ivan Illich: "Tools for Conviviality"

Current Inspirations:
1. Makerspace movement (ex: Artist's Asylum:
2. Urban Farming (ex: Wil Allen's Growing Power in Milwaulkee).
3. Open Source Ecology (Marcin Jakubowski)

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Bâtissons, collaborer et participe dans une communauté à Gatineau autour de la technologie durable: aquaponique, multi-stade de barils d'eau, fours fusée-cuisinière, low-tech jardinage, la technologie de construction de réutilisation et de nombreux autres projets. Ce groupe est conçu comme un incubateur d'entreprises durables, partage des connaissances, des compétences et des outils tout en formant une communauté plus forte est resilient.

Les themes:

Ingénierie écologique, Technologie Appropriée
- Buckminster Fuller (le film "Ecological Design: Inventing the future")
- E.F. Schumacher - "Small is Beautiful"
- Ivan Illich: "Tools for Conviviality"

Les inspirations modernes:
1. Le mouvement Fablab/Makerspace (ex: Artist's Asylum, Heliosphere, Fablab):
2. Les fermes Urbaine (ex: Wil Allen's Growing Power in Milwaulkee).
3. Open Source Ecology (Marcin Jakubowski)

Upcoming events (5+)

Moving Asparagus

Gloucester Gardening Association GAGA

Last year I got my hands on a perennial gardening plot and to my great happiness it had an asparagus patch on it. Unfortunately it isn't located the best, so I decided to move it to a better location and soil this spring. The root clusters (called crowns) are dormant till the soil starts warming up and that is when it's the best to move them. Spring or late fall. The work will consist of: 1. Digging up the crowns 2. Digging a trench about a foot deep in a new location 3. Filtering out some rocks 4. Planting crowns I will have a lot of information to share about asparagus. I also can share some seeds. Although for growing are preferred male plants (bigger crops, no seeds to overcrowd the bed), the seeds will germinate into 50/50 females and males. Harvest happens on the 3rd year after planting when using seeds. When using crowns (usually x10 the price of seeds) the harvest can happen the same year or the year after. FUN FACTS: asparagus has 3 genders. Female XX, Male XY and Supermale YY. Only female plants produce seeds. Offsprings of XX and YY are all males XY. You won't know the gender until the plats produce either flowers (male) or seeds (female), which usually happens on the second year after starting from seeds. Tools and refreshing drinks and snacks will be provided. Event date might be changed due to weather. If there will be enough interest, a potluck is possible at a location 10min drive away from the plot.

Entomophagy workshop and potluck

Private Residence

Mealworms are a sustainable food source comparable to pork, beef and chicken. This workshop is designed for people interested in exploring ways of home growing sustainable protein. About 6 months ago I started a micro-farm and it should be running to it's full capacity by the coming summer. That is why the workshop isn't happening very soon. Hoping to get someone who is already growing this kind of protein themselves. Anyone out there?

GSM Exchange, resource postings

Private location - sent by email to participants.

Someone had an awesome idea to post up a more visible place for exchanging goods. Here it is! Many of us have extra materials, goods and other things that may interest others in the group. Here is a place to post them up. We also recommend https://www.freecycle.org/

Rotating composters / Composteurs Tournant
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Let's add to your food production, create healthy soils and increase the density of your food production by building vertical composting barrels and rotating composters. These are two other uses for 55 gallon barrels besides rain barrels. I'll suggest that this be completed over a two week period on weeknights, starting with a kick-off night. The first night may be the most productive, but those who can make it another night can help carry it forward and then we can have a second night the following week to complete fully. So, two event nights can be posted for this project. Resources: See discussion section - posted below. Cohen and Cohen is the most affordable place for rainbarrels at $17 each before tax. Wishlist for project: 1. Final Designs - I've picked two videos that demonstrate the construction. There may be better designs, if you find one, post it. If we have multiple designs, then people can bring their own required materials for their designs. Otherwise we can build one design for everyone. 2. Orders for barrels - if you are interested in having one (or both) of these systems, let me know. Cost for barrels is $17 before tax. We can coordinate the can pick up the wood and other materials as required (can be me or another person). 3. Transportation for rainbarrels (we can start taking orders for rainbarrels in the discussions section - posted below). If anyone has transportation available, let me know and we can coordinate. 4. Assorted tools - each video has a suggested tool list, we have some here at 111 Rue Fontaine. If you have these tools, bring them, otherwise, we can share tools and tasks on the event days. Discussion: http://www.meetup.com/Gatineau-Sustainable-Makerspace-Meetup/messages/boards/thread/44381732

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Setting up a no-till garden and a potluck

Gloucester Gardening Association GAGA

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