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Calling all who have found personal empowerment through clothing! Or those who seek to find it! My name is Roy, and my own journey with clothing has been a long one. I have reached a place where I'm looking to share what I have learned. The goal; to help others find or enhance their personal style(s) with a hive mind approach.

This is not so much about mainstream fashion, or what is considered cool/popular/proper. This is more about discovering what works and feels good for each individual of the group. Finding a fit that feels right, finding the brand(s) that work best for you and how to get their best deals, learning how to dress up/dress down. Through this process, my hope is that members will be able to enhance their self-image and how they show up in the world.

For those who feel they already have this, this group is an opportunity to share your knowledge and learn other perspectives, while getting to play fashion consultant!

Seeking a core group of people who are frequently complemented on/get noticed for their clothing choices, who are willing to share their perspectives. Absolutely looking for a fashionable female to lead the gals half of this group! I also want this to be a safe space for those tinkering with the idea of getting into modeling or model photography. Candid photography will be encouraged by all who wish to engage in that activity.

Meetings will take two forms. The first being shopping events, where we will gather as a group and bounce from store to store, sharing clothing goals and ideas. The second form will be exhibition events, where we gather as a group and share time looking and feeling awesome together! Candid photography will be encouraged even more so during an exhibition night.

Looking to serve those both inside and outside of Boston, as I am a commuter that lives outside the city. Open to exploring, so please let me know of any venues you think would be good for any of these events!

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Let's Explore: South Shore Plaza!

South Shore Plaza

Let's Explore: Burlington Mall!

Burlington Mall

Karaoke Kickoff!

Orleans Restaurant & Bar

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