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Well Hello !

I arrived in South Africa in 2007, knowing not many people.

With a background in Accounting & Finance, knew not much about Networking, Sales or Public Relations, yet, with a willingness to learn from others and apply what I have learned in the last 10 years or so, I must say, I have established a great circle of friends and associates and this circle is growing.

I get immense pleasure in meeting people and find out how I can help them achieve their goals, short term, long term, at their own terms :-)

I will be including, both, social as well as professional, activities/meetups on this group because I believe - Every Event is a Networking Event - Show up!

I am also open to ideas that you may like to be included in this meetup as this is your meetup :-)

I also put certain activities for information purposes only as I am not able to attend such activity due to other commitments.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

To be safe adding the following:


The main organizer of the group, Puneet Dhamija, one of the most friendly people you will ever meet, is a Scientologist, though born in a Hindu family and studies various believes and practices including Buddhism, Bahai, etc. to name a few, he shares the knowledge that he has learned at the Church of Scientology, the place, where Scientologists attend educational and spiritual classes and seminars. A Church of Scientology is open to all denominations, including non-believers.

Most of the meetups on this group will take place at a museum - L. Ron Hubbard House / Heritage Site/museum that is dedicated to the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard.

A Church of Scientology and the above museum are two separate entities, yet, they are affiliated to each other as the managers of both organizations are Scientologists.


Kind regards,

Puneet Dhamija



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