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Summary: Learn how to create wealth by playing Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki's Cashflow Board Game.

Detail: The best way to learn is to "DO", but DOING involves uncertainty which can lead to loss. The very next step after doing is learning by play. Robert and Kim Kiyosaki developed the Cashflow 101 to teach how the REAL economy works and how you can master your own economy to create the life you always wanted.

Learn in 3 hours how the economy works, how to create assets and manage the process of wealth creation in your personal economcy, develop assets that support your lifestyle, cashflow management, how capitalism really works and most importantly what's your investor identity.

The best way to learn is with others, since learning from others' mistakes is the most valued learning.

The How: The game is hosted over 3 hours, come by yourself, with partners or friends and meet likeminded people interested in improving their personal economy through the highest level of learning a board game.

Who is and Why: Gauteng Cashflow hosts Cashflow games across Gauteng on behalf of Quick Buy Invest which is a real estate investment firm. Founded by Leon and Manjush, we play Cashflow games in order to give back to our community and nation so everyone can learn how to improve their own lives and create a better economy in your personal life in any economy.

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Play Cashflow and Learn Investing in the Eastrand

Kempton Park Golf Club

Play Cashflow 101 and Learn Investing the fun way

Killarney Golf Club

Play Cashflow 101 and Learn Investing the fun way

Irene Country Club

Learn Investing in any economy by playing Rich Dad's Cashflow 101 Game

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