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GBTQQ Coffee & A Story
We are a welcoming, easy-going group of men who are looking for more genuine connections and a deeper sense of community in our lives. As GBTQQ men affiliated with The Mankind Project - Chicago, we invite you to join us for interesting conversation over a cup of coffee as we launch this new monthly gathering of men. Each meeting will focus on a particular question that invites us to share a bit more about ourselves, learn more about one another, and build more authentic relationships than we typically might pursue. Our November question is “What do you like most about being a Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer, or Questioning man?” Sharing your story is completely optional, and we are happy to answer any questions you might have about men’s work or The Mankind Project. We also plan check out Chicago's expanding collection of neighborhood coffee houses and local roasters by meeting at a different location each month. So, please let us know your suggestions for intriguing places that are easily accessible. Also, feel free to bring any other interested GBTQQ men.


3549 North Sheffield Avenue · Chicago


What we're about

We are building community for GBTQ men in Chicago.

As brothers in The Mankind Project - Chicago (, we host gatherings where men can talk openly about what is happening in their lives and receive support from other men. We sit in circle ( to eliminate the traditional male hierarchy: Every man can see, sense, and feel the other men. All men are equal, so we can "remove the masks," find our authentic voices, and speak our truths. While facing ourselves openly and honestly, in the presence of other men, we can open ourselves to deeper self-exploration in order to cultivate a sense of meaning, purpose, intimacy, truth, connection and direction in our lives.

Register ( for the April 2019 GBTQQ Gateway New Warrior Training Adventure ( in Chicago.

As an integral part of MKP - Chicago, our group is dedicated to making men's work accessible to every man. Typically, men complete the traditional New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) (, a modern version of the "hero's journey" described in literature. While it is not a substitute for traditional psychotherapy and psychiatric treatment, the NWTA offers men a powerful opening to looking at themselves, where they are in their lives, and what they want to pursue as well as let go.

Our GBTQQ gatherings honor the distinctive personal and cultural experiences that often hinder our self-expression and distort our development. They also foster the healing we need to reclaim our gifts and start living more authentic, meaningful lives. By always staffing our events with a majority of "men like us," we ensure the high levels of interpersonal safety and trust we need to promote emotional vulnerability and take the risks that lead to personal transformation.

In April 2019, we are hosting a GBTQQ Gateway New Warrior Training Adventure, our version of the NWTA. A Gateway NWTA offers men the chance to begin doing their work as members of a majority whose experiences are a given rather than an exception. See . Our Chicago community also offers the more standard NWTA several times a year. All men - including men from our communities - are equally welcome at any of these initiation weekends.

MKP-Chicago also offers Open Circles (click the photo arrows ( for a slide show) and on-going Integration Groups ( that provide men with support and opportunities for deep healing work. If you would like to sample our warrior work, we invite you to visit one or more of the Open Circles listed on our calendar. If you would like to join an existing I Group for an evening, please contact me.
If you would like to see how an NWTA weekend changed men's lives, check out these videos:

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