• Let's Hand Out Water and Cheer Runners During Girls on the Run Marathon Event

    Hello men, It's been a couple of months since we met, so let's get to it! For March, let's get together again to manage aid stations for Girls on the Run event (http://www.gotrchicago.org/). We did this event last year and had a blast! Read about Girls on the Run here: http://www.gotrchicago.org/ What we'll do • Meet at the aid station at the Wilson running track at 7:15 am • Help set up the stations • Fill water and Gatorade cups • Cheer on runners • Clean up and break down station • Go get beer and food IMPORTANT: 1. RSVP HERE ON THE GAY GUYS DO PAGE 2. ALSO REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT HERE: https://www.volunteersignup.org/8DWFC (https://www.volunteersignup.org/8DWFC) After the event We'll head to Crew Bar and chow down on some pub grub, have a beer or two, and be social. This is always the best part of our events. As always, please contact me with questions at [masked] Cheers, Guy

  • Toy Wrapping House Party

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    Hello men, For December Gay Guys Do event, let's meet at my humble home to wrap Christmas gifts for children and adolescents who would otherwise not receive a gift for the holidays. I'll have holiday music going and I'll whip up some eggnog and holiday snacks and cookies as well. I'll also provide all wrapping paper and supplies. So, buy ONE new toy or gift for a boy or girl, age 3-18. No need for this to be expensive, it's the gift that counts. Every gift will be appreciated. Some gift suggestions are: • Children's books • Puzzles • Board gams • Art supplies • Toy cars • Dolls Science kits • Coloring books Great places to shop for these these are Target or even Walgreens. I'll load up all the toys and deliver them to a Child Link (http://childlnk.org/) office. Child Link children's services partner who works with Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. They offer adoptions, foster care, transitional living services and youth counseling. Directions to my place: I'm at 1421 West Birchwood Ave, Unit 3W. Buzz "SWARTZ" and I'm on the top floor. Street parking is pretty good during the day. If you take public transit, get off Jarvis redline, then I'm about three blocks northeast. Note: I've got two large friendly labradors. If you're allergic or afraid of dogs, they will both want to sit on your head, so beware.

  • Let's help setup for the Saving Tiny Hearts Society 10th Anniversary Gala

    Hi gents, Our next Gay Guys Do event will focus on helping set up for the annual Saving Tiny Hearts Gala, an event to raise money to fund life-saving scientific research that determines cures for and finds hidden causes of Congenital Heart Defects. What We'll Be Doing Setting up for the event that occurs that evening, including: • Set up auction tables • Decorate (no doubt, something we're great at) • Assist with last minute misc. tasks Event Location Ritz Carlton 160 E. Pearson, Chicago, IL 60611 After the Event We'll walk over to Jake Melnick's Corner Tap at 41 E. Superior St. Chicago for a drink or two and whatever's good on the menu. Bring cash if you can as often our group is large and cash is way easer for the wait staff to separate. IMPORTANT – IMPORTANT – IMPORTANT This is once again a co-op with OneBrick. That means you will MUST RSVP for this event on the OneBrick website AND here on Gay Guys Do. STARTING on September 23, go to http://onebrick.org/node/2223883 and register for this event. You can’t do it before 23rd. You may have to register for a OneBrick account in order to RSVP, if you haven’t already done it – it takes 30 seconds. About The Tiny Hearts Society: The Saving tiny Hearts Society's mission is to raise money for grossly under-funded, crucial, life-saving research of congenital heart defects (CHD), America's #1 birth defect. Nearly 1 of every 125 babies born in America each year is affected by a Congenital Heart Defect. The Saving tiny Hearts Society is the only organization in the country that was formed for the sole purpose of raising funds for congenital heart defect research with 100% of general donations going directly to funding this research. There are no paid employees and they are run entirely by dedicated volunteers. Their website is www.savingtinyhearts.org (http://www.savingtinyhearts.org/) Last word: Obviously, this is an important event and RSVPs YES require a commitment. They will depend on how many people we commit. Please, if you aren't 100% sure youc an commit, do NOT RSVP yes for this event. Questions: Email me at [masked] Cheers, Guy

  • Let's help during the 120th Annual Norwood Crossing Senior Picnic

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    Hello men, For August, we'll focus our attention and energy on our senior community by volunteering to help during the 120th Annual Norwood Crossing Senior Picnic. We'll be working with a local volunteer organization called One Brick. This is going to be a fun event! About the Event: We'll help with: • Setting up the picnic • Assisting senior residents in moving to and from the building • Working the grill • Socializing with residents • Pproviding general support VERY, VERY IMPORTANT INFO: If you want to volunteer for this event, you MUST do the following, in this order: 1. RSVP YES through this meetup soon as possible 2. Register with One Brick at www.onebrick.org (http://onebrick.org/) soon as possible 3. On August 5th, (when RSVPs for this event opens) log in to your onebrck.com account, then RSVP for the Senior Picnic HERE. (http://onebrick.org/node/47682) RSVP on the 5th quick or you may miss a spot. Keep in Mind: The event only has room for 17 volunteers. So, be mindful that others outside of our meetup may take spots. That's why I urge you to register with OneBrick NOW and then RSVP for the event through their site on August 5th. After the Event: After the event, we'll meet at Mo Dailey's Pub & Grille for social time, a beer and whatnot. They're at 6070 N. Northwest Hwy, Chicago (very close to our event location). Questions? Always feel free to contact me at [masked] Look forward to seeing you! Cheers, Guy

  • Provide meals to homeless and at-risk youths co-op with Night Ministries

    Hello men! For June, let's co-op with The Night Ministries Project to prepare and distribute meals to homeless and at-risk youth in the . About The Night Ministries The Night Ministry is a Chicago-based organization that works to provide housing, health care and human connection to members of our community struggling with poverty or homelessness. More about Night Ministries. Important Points About this Event • Event days are WEEKDAYS during the evening. • This event has TWO participation EVENING choices, June 14 or June 15. • June 14th (Tuesday evening): I’ll need up to 12 men for meal prep, 6:30PM-8:30PM, at 5959 N Sheridan Rd, Chicago • June 15th (Wednesday evening): I’ll need 4 men for meal distribution, 9:45PM-11:45PM at 900 W Wilson, Chicago • We normally do weekends, but this will give members who can’t do weekends or are night owls an opportunity to participate. • VERY IMPORTANT: If you RSVP YES, please be SURE you can commit to this. This is a limited number of spaces and they will DEPEND on us. • IF you RSVP YES to this event, please answer the question in the RSVP, "Which night do you want to volunteer for?" Keep in mind, I only have 4 spots for the 15th (late night distribution), so first come first serve and I may ask you to fill the 14th evening if the 15th fills up. • AFTER EVENT: As you know, we typically meet after an event to have a meal and/or a drink for fellowship and to chill. Because this is an evening event, we really can't do that. BUT, for those who participate, I'll be planning a get-together the following Saturday or Sunday for brunch or lunch; I'll communicate the details once I have all RSVPs. As always, message me or email me with questions through the meetup.com app. Cheers, Guy

  • Help Me Celebrate My Birthday AND Benefit a Great Charity

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    Hello men, now for something a little bit different. For the May Gay Guys Go meetup event, we're going to do things sorta in reverse. Let's get together and help me celebrate by 50th birthday – AND benefit a great local charity the same time. With HUGE emphasis on the celebration part and I'd LOVE for everyone to come. Details: Let's all meet at R Public House at 1508 W Jarvis Ave (literally across the street from Jarvis Red Line stop) starting at 7PM. This is very informal, so come when you can and stay however late you wish. Public House is pub-style, gay-owned with a full bar, great beer on tap selection, pub food, pizza, you name it. It's a very diverse crown of gay, straight, men, women, YOU. PLUS, Public House has committed to donating 10% of our night's drink pull to Good Food Project. Good Food Project teaches kids in the Chicago about better eating and their first established program was in Sullivan high School, run by their autistic children's program. Learn more about here, http://www.thegoodfoodproject.org I will also have a donation box set up where I'm sitting to graciously accept donations for Good Food Project. $5, $10, whatever you can spare is GREAT! I'm opening this meetup event to everyone, no limit on number. As always, let me know if you have any questions. You can email or text me through meetup. Cheers, Guy

  • Celebrate Earth Day with Parks Clean Up

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    Hi Men, For our next Gay Guys Do meetup, let's celebrate Earth Day (a day after) and get together to clean and green three of our city's parks. I've chosen at RANDOM three city parks to clean: • Berger Park Cultural Center (http://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/parks/Berger-Park-Cultural-Center/#dex7y2wuet)- 6205 N. Sheridan Rd. • Schreiber Playground Park (http://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/parks/Schreiber-Playground-Park/) - 1552 W. Schreiber Ave. • Legion Park (http://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/parks/Legion-Park/) - 3100 W. Bryn Mawr Ave. DETAILS (PLEASE READ) • We'll form three cleanup groups, one group for each park. I'll arrange WHERE each group will meet for each park later. • Each volunteer will choose which of the three parks he wants to clean. When you RSVP Yes, please answer the question in this announcement "Which park you want to clean". • Some groups will have more participants than others - that's okay - this is very informal. • Each park group will have a team leader (to be assigned later). I will be part of the group to clean Berger Park and I'll be the "team captain" for that park. • The three parks vary in size. Some may need more or less cleanup than others. No worries, it's about doing what we can in the two hours we're devoting. No need to cover the entire park. Have fun. • Each participant will need to bring 1-2 large STRONG garbage bags. Ideally the kind for lawn work. • Gloves are recommended • Avoid things like broken glass or items that you can cut or harm yourself with. Obviously, we'd LIKE to remove those things so others don't hurt themselves, but I don't want YOU getting hurt in the process. Handle at your own discretion. • Trash will be separated in the bags between recyclable and non-recyclable. • Once we're done - we'll dispose of the non-recyclable trash and recyclable into appropriate receptacles. Ideally in the park itself, not in private property receptacles. • NOTE: I've done my best to identify these parks as parks that don't have anyone cleaning them for Earth Day. AFTER THE CLEANUP Let's meet at R Public House (http://rpublichouse.com/food/), located at 1508 West Jarvis, Chicago at 12:45PM for some food and drink. R Public House is a great neighborhood pub located steps from the Jarvis Red Line stop; gay owned. Great beer selection, awesome pizza, burgers, salads, etc.

  • Let's hand out water during Girls On the Run marathon event

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    Hi Men, Excited to roll out March event for Gay Guys Do. For this event, we can only take 15. What We'll Do: Let's help runners stay hydrated by handing out water during the Girls on the Run marathon event. About Girls on the Run: Girls on the Run is a non-profit organization with a mission to inspire 3rd through 8th grade girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running. WHERE WE'LL MEET: We'll meet in the large parking lot on the North side of Wilson as you enter the park at the Lake. I'll arrive early and I'll be parked in my RED Jeep Wrangler, as close to the South West corner of the parking lot as possible. We'll then walk to the event area as a group. SEE MAP. After Event: We'll head to Crew Bar at Broadway and Lawrence for grub and beer (or your favorite "I did good" libation). Important: Please IM me with the following information if you RSVP YES for this event: (this is for the event coordinator) 1. What size t-shirt you wear (S/M/L/XL) 2. Phone Number 3. Email address

  • Let's Help Unload Food Trucks for Families in Need

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    Hi guys, This is a VERY COOL opportunity to lend a hand (literally) to needy families by helping to unload trucks delivering food to the St. James Food Pantry, downtown Chicago. How man guys: No more than 12 Date & Time: Sunday, February 21st / 11AM-2PM Schedule: • Meet at the St. James Food Pantry, 2907 S. Wabash Ave. in Chicago at around 10:45AM • Work 11AM-2PM • Afterward, go grab food and drink at Rocky's Sport Restaurant at 234 W 31st St, Chicago FYI - This is an opportunity for those who can lift 30-50lbs. I'll be driving there from Rogers Park and can possibly transport others there and back if on the way from and to Rogers Park. Thanks guys! Guy

  • Help for Homeless and/or Runaway Youth During Holidays

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    Let's distribute information about where homeless youth can get help. The Problem In Chicago, thousands of young people are homeless on any given day. Many are runaways, often trying to save themselves from abusive home situations. Many have no place to sleep and don't know where to turn for help. This number is highest around the holidays. Surveyed runaway youth felt that one of the biggest barriers to getting help was a lack of knowledge about what services exist. The DO Let's provide homeless and runaway youth with information about counseling, shelter, and first aid. The Plan We'll meet up at the Center on Halsted, form teams of 3-5, and go out into the Lincoln Park, Lakeview, Uptown, and Edgewater neighborhoods and hang flyers with a hotline number to help homeless and/or runaway youth find vital resources like counseling, shelter, and first aid. I’ll provide each group with about 20-30 flyers, tape and tacks. This is probably an event best done on foot and best done around public transportation, but up to you if you wish to drive and you may cover more ground by car. Please take pics as you hang the flyers so that I can post the pics to our Meetup group page. Suggested Places to Post Flyers: • Bus stops • Parks • YMCAs (ask first) • In and around L Stops (in legal or designated areas) • Alleys around restaurants • Libraries (around free computers) (ask first) • Coffee shops windows or bulletin boards (ask first) • Public bathrooms Be sure to get permission before posting flyers in some spaces - use your best judgment (such as a coffee shop window). Afterwards We’ll all meet at Halsted's Bar & Grill at 3441 N. Halsted at around 3PM for drink, eats, conversation, to share our pics, and bond. Questions? Contact me through this group. If it's a question that will benefit the group, post in the public forum. Or, email me direct if you wish not to post publicly.