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Calling all tired 20-30 year-olds who just want to laugh and share a drink, perhaps a whole pizza (asking for a friend) after work and love a good booty drop on the weekends at the bars and clerbs!

Visiting? New to NYC? We are here to make you feel welcome, and laugh at our crazy antics as we drink through happy hour, dance at the clerbs, but also be cute and cultured by visiting museums, galleries and like... cute picnics? KYUTE!

We’ll keep it weekly, consistent and there is NO room for cliques, henny. So like, let's lurve, laugh and more importantly, get that bar 2-for-1 deal before happy hour ends, HENNY!

Who knows, maybe Mr. Right (or Mr. Right Now) will be waiting for you with his Gin&Tonic. KYUTE!!

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