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I'm interested in exploring ways for gay men to connect in Glendale. Sexuality can be a fluid thing, so it is cool if you do not identify as "gay"- I was just kinda swept up in the alliteration thing. Women are awesome, straight friends are wonderful. But this group is a place for gay and bi men who want to connect.

I'm initially thinking about meeting up at some of the local restaurants and coffee places in small-ish groups. I'd be interested to hear the thoughts of others. We can go from there. My goal is to aid each of us to create a social network of people with whom we are comfortable. Not everyone connects with everyone. That's normal, but I hope you might meet men who are good people - who err on the side of kindness and respect.

I am an illustrator who often works in the animation industry. I recently moved to Glendale (4/1 from West Hollywood). I have also joined LA Fitness on Brand Blvd. Dining out, picnics, movie nights, hiking, board games, theater... storytelling nights, poetry, puppets, masks, ? ... I enjoy meeting people and hearing their stories. I appreciate reading the activities that you share in that 2 question questionnaire- it is helpful. Perhaps events can be tailored to specific interests if enough guys have a particular bent.

Let's see what is possible in our own neighborhood.

If you have any questions or thoughts, speak up. I have a vision of where I'd like things to go. I've been to too many meetups that feel impersonal. I want to do something different. Something a little more about connection. After that, I think the development will be somewhat organic. We will see what happens.

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