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Co-Parenting for Prospective Moms and Dads - OPEN To LGBT and STRAIGHT ALLIES

Co-Parenting: "parenting together" An innovative family structure for those marginalized from society's traditional view of families, ie. LGBT and/or single moms and dads, the term can refer to an adult (or adults plural) who shares parenting responsibilitie. CO-GENDER DISCUSSION AND SUPPORT GROUP. Explore this innovative family structure with personal stories and guest speakers with topics ranging from finding the right co-parent(s), legal agreements, negotiating parental involvement plus financial, living arrangement, child-rearing expectations and other issues affecting a commitment to raise a child or children together.

This group meets approximately once every 2 months at the LA Gay & Lesbian Center and will be planning social events for meeting others with the same goals of parenting. We encourage prospective parents to also check out meetings held by other parenting groups of the LA Gay & Lesbian Center, such as Maybe Baby and Pop Luck Club.

*This group is a discussion group and is not intended to aid in the formation of co-parenting relationships. Disclaimer for Participants: Co-Parenting for Prospective Moms and Dads (CPPMD) is a peer support and discussion group. My participation with CPPMD is for educational purposes only, and I fully assume my personal responsibility and liability for my decisions related to parenting and family issues. CPPMD is not intended to be a match-making organization to form co-parenting relationships. Any documents, personal stories and information shared within CPPMD are intended for discussion or educational purposes only. There is no implied endorsement of any professional practitioner or product through CPPMD. I understand that I am responsible to seek professional advice for my specific needs. CPPMD and its organizers and the LA Gay Lesbian Center are not responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for ANY form of damages whatsoever resulting from the use (or misuse) of information derived from CPPMD.

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