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What we’re about


We offer Light Hiking, Social Walks and Cultural Activities , and other adventures.  Gay Out West NM is a very active social group for Gay, Bi and Trans men 21 and over in New Mexico who enjoy outdoor activities. Building community through outdoor activities and more!  New Mexico is a magical and mystical place of amazing natural beauty and ancient cultures and traditions. Join us in exploring some of what our beautiful State has to offer!

Gay Out West NM is part of a broader collective group of Meetup organizations based in Albuquerque, NewMexico, all under the small business operation of Gay ABQ Funky Bohemian:

I have a reverence for nature and a passion to serve. I consider myself your steward and I am here to make sure your experience with Gay Out West NM is fun, educational and rewarding. I’m of the belief that when people come together for a shared purpose and when paths cross, amazing things can happen! 
Christopher V.

Events and Meetups with this Meetup Organization will be based on the percentage of Covid cases in our area. Precautions and Covid suggested health guidelines will be observed at all Meetup events.

KINDNESS, COURTESY & RESPECT are key components of this Meetup Group!

“Minds are like books. They work best when they are open.”

“Only the Mountain has lived long enough to listen objectively to the howl of the wolf”. Aldo Leopold

“They paved paradise and put up a parking lot”. Joni Mitchell

What we are NOT: A Discussion Group. There’s another great group in town for that... 🌈The Question-The Conversation! 🌎

We are NOT a Naked Socializing Group. There’s another great group in town for that... 🌈ABQ Gay Mens Naturist & Erotic Social Group 🌎:
🌈 ABQ Gay Naturist PRIME 🌎: