What we're about

What are we trying to do?

There are a lot of LGBTI groups out there. We try to make ours a bit more special and selective in a good way. Our goal is to attract really friendly, genuine guys who identify as gay and build our own community through our combined social circles. We hope to provide a great alternative to the usual gay scene/apps, and give people a positive space to be their best selves.

Who are we?

A supportive, affable, multi-racial bunch of gay guys with quite diverse interests. We range in age from mid 20's ish to late 30's ish and welcome guys of a similar. Nationalities, career backgrounds, interests, races, personalities, roles, etc.-- the more the merrier! We hope to have an active bunch of members who also bring their friends and partners along too. Looking forward to meeting you.

What do we do?

Meet new people in a fun and relaxed atmosphere in a wide range of activities: F&B, Active/Sport, Entertainment, and Adventure events. Simply be yourself, hang out, try new stuff, go new places, socialise, and get to know people.

How can you join?

Click join, tell a bit more about yourself in your profile/email, and have a fairly representative pic. We're not judging on aesthetics, but also don't want to see your cat, little sister, blank screen, back of your head,, etc. (seriously folks...) In general, we want to get a sense of your interests, identity, and personality-- so make it happen! Activity suggestions are welcome as well, so please let us know what you have in mind and we can develop together.


If you haven't turned up to events for a while, we reserve the right to delete you from the group, ditto if you show up and cause problems or unease with other members. an not turining up

Upcoming events (4+)

walk abouts western spings park

Needs a location

If you like the outdoors like to keep fit .Come with me for a couple of laps .easy walk around the park .an grab a coffee afterwards


82 The Concourse

Blastacars® is the ultimate karting experience. Not to be confused with regular go karts, these are hand crafted, powerful karts that drift on purpose built, indoor tracks. We offer an adrenaline pumping experience all about getting sideways.. If you are looking for something unique and fun to do in Auckland .half hr for $65 booking required .Please go to website to check requirements .RSVP accepted fortnight before event for booking .masks an vaccine pass required .

lone star .fine dining an drinks

223 Green Lane West

We only use the finest ingredients, which includes the best grade of vegetables, free-range chicken and eggs, and grass-fed NZ beef. Keep an eye out for our vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free options. looking out to Alexander park .fine dining an drinks. please be early as for booking


199 Lincoln Road

23$ for two games.Welcome to PINS. Come along for a great bowling experience then relax and share a laugh with other and friends.food available .

Past events (32)

swiming tramping pinic at piha beach

NZ Post Shop Titirangi

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