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Hop on your boat or even better a friends boat and head out to meet new friends hanging out on an island, in the bay or even out fishing. Group travel to area destinations. Boat ownership not required if a member has room! Get out and enjoy the Bay.

Please keep in mind that space is always limited. When you RSVP you are taking a seat and if you do a no show we will remove you from the group. A no show eliminated an opportunity for another member to get out and enjoy the day.

If riding on a members boat always be courteous and bring your own food and beverage for the day. Gas contributions are always a good thing for the boat owners as well. It costs a lot to run and maintain a boat.

Please keep in mind most trips are for the entire day. The meetup will specify a general place and time.

This is not a hookup group or sex related in any way. If you happen to meet someone new that is awesome! We are just about enjoying being out on the water...

WE ARE NOT A NUDIST GROUP! A lot of people seem confused about this. There are plenty of other nudist meetups. We are not against it by any means but that is not what this group is for.

Welcome to the group an have a great time!

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