What we're about

A gay men’s group to make ethnic diversity on London’s gay scene the norm, not an exception.

A few reasons why you might want to join us…

• Do you still feel like you’re the only Gay ethnic minority in the village?

• Are you looking to meet guys that understand ethnic diversity for friendship and more?

• Fed up of being last in line to be served in a gay bar?

Well this is the right group for you.

We’ll have a series of events in spaces where you’re welcomed and where you’ll be served just like everyone else. Equally, you can post events on here, but you must host them.

Whilst we value our members privacy, we do want to create a space where guys can meet openly and get to know others, so we have the following entry requirements with no exceptions:

1. You don't have to be out but you DO have to be a Gay/Bi male
2. We welcome guys from non-minority backgrounds as long as you’re not joining because of an ethnic fantasy
3. An answer to our entry questions

Rest assured that our group is private and only other fellow members will see your pic. If you want to maintain your public privacy, please adjust your settings on the main desktop meetup.com site.

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