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Do you love working on your car or motorcycle or want to learn how? Do you lack the space or tools to perform basic maintenance? Gearhead Workspace is designed for you. We provide lift bays and tools for you to complete the job you need to. Whether it is seasonal maintenance or preparing for a day at the track we can help you help yourself.


Whether you have worked on your car yourself before or not we have you covered. Check out our events for weekly classes on car or motorcycle maintenance. Class subjects vary from the most basic projects to more advanced ones, giving you every opportunity to learn; from how to inspect your car to doing an engine swap and everything in between.


We think it's pretty badass to know about the machine you drive on a regular basis. Learn with us and you can earn your MBA. We rotate a series of six classes to get you started down the path of self auto maintenance. Once you've completed all six classes you will earn your MBA, making you an official badass and also earning you one hour of bay time. The classes taught in this series include:

1. The Automotive Inspection

2. Oil Change

3. Changing Disc Brakes

4. Automotive Fluids

5. Electrical Systems

6. Heavy Machinery


Founder Tim Heyen grew up in central Illinois. Having tons of space to do his own work he bought two cars at the age of 15 to use one as a parts car for the other and build the best car he could by the time he got his license at 16. After moving to Downtown Chicago he and his wife Molly started going to High Performance Driving Events (HPDE). This hobby requires more maintenance on one's car than a typical daily driver needs. To save money Tim would beg suburban friends to use their driveway when he needed to do maintenance.

One day he planned to do a brake job in a friend's driveway. They did not have a jack low enough to fit under the car, so for each corner he needed to drive the wheel onto a 2x4 to give it enough height to fit the jack under. This added a lot of time to the job and on top of it by the time they got to the last wheel it started pouring rain! They finished the job, soaking wet, and knew there must be a better way.

After convincing Molly (no easy task) that there would be enough demand in the city for a diy auto shop they got to work researching the concept and about four years later finally opened the doors of Gearhead Workspace to Chicago.


Come to an event or stop by for a tour 840 W 35th St, Chicago IL 60609

Located in Bridgeport


Just two blocks west of Halsted, exit at 35th from 90/94.

Free street parking.


Red Line to Sox/35th and exit to the south at 35th. (0.9mi, 18 min walk)

#35 Bus. (35th and Lituanica)

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Automotive Maintenance Heavy Machinery Class

Gearhead Workspace


When you have some experience working on your car you may be ready to start modifying and tweaking your ride. Once you are ready to move to the big stuff you will need to learn how to use the big machines. In this class, we will cover the professional tools that require training. Used incorrectly many of these tools can cause injury or death. We will learn and practice using the diagnostic computer, the spring/strut compressor, the cutting torch, and the tire machine. After taking this class you will be ready to tackle advanced maintenance and mechanical projects.


Automotive Electrical Systems Class

Gearhead Workspace


Cars are so complicated these days with all the computers and electronics they use! Not to worry, in this class, we will show you how the electrical systems in your car work to make your machine run smoothly. We will talk about the importance of the battery and how to care for it. How the belt system from your engine drives the alternator to keep your battery powered. We will discuss troubleshooting and maintenance needs for these very important systems in your vehicle. We will also explore the fuse box and discuss how it is used as your first warning sign of trouble and how to use it as a diagnostic tool. $25

Mastering the Inspection Class

Gearhead Workspace


Buying a used car? Just like you would with a home, you will want to inspect it thoroughly so you will have a reasonable expectation of its condition and current value. In this class we will discuss an overview of common automobile components and demonstrate live how to perform several important safety checks. Students will gain hands-on experience learning how to check oil levels, tire pressure, and several important warning signs to watch for in order to keep their car in good running condition. This is a beginner level class. $25

Earn your Master in BadAssery by signing up for this class and others in the series. We will teach MBA classes on an ongoing basis so you can learn at your own pace. Pick up an MBA log book to track your progress. Once you complete your MBA you will earn 1 hour of free bay time!

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Automotive Fluids Class

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