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Learn MIG welding Class: Intro Workshop
This workshop introduces you to the principles of metal inert gas welding aka MIG welding and GMAW gas metal arc welding, lots a names but you can call MIG for short. This is one of the easiest arc welding processes to learn and is useful in repairing and modifying bikes or building custom parts. You will learn how the process works and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the process. Equipment will be covered in detail along with safety considerations while using the process To be successful at MIG welding you need to learn the key factors that will lead you down the path for creating strong, consistent welds. The path is shorter with guided practice with an instructor. You will learn about basic metallurgy as it relates to the mig process ie what metals can be welded, their characteristics, mechanical properties, grain structure, and effects of heat. Planning and organizing your project so you don't set yourself up for a bunch of awkward welding situations (build it on paper). What are the basic metal profiles available for my project (rod, tube, plate etc). Joint options for appearance and strength. Shop safety and how NOT to feel the burn. This discussion weaves tools and safety gear and safe working techniques to avoid injury. The fun stops if you get hurt. We don't want you getting hurt. For this class and all welding classes you will be required to wear long pants preferably thick jeans, long sleeve shirts and shoes (no open toe shoes, shorts). We will provide jackets and or leathers and helmets. Gloves because they are a personal items can be purchased at the class or you can buy it at a welding supply store. Cutting and preparing stock profiles for welding. Jigs and clamps to assist you, along with other tools. Tacking stock together and untacking....oops. The MIG machine: details of how to set it up, what gases to use, what wires and sizes to use, how the controls work and checking your gun for optimal operation plus much more. In summary this is a fun intro class into a popular welding process that can serve you well into the future. You can watch all you want on Youtube but you can only develop skill by practicing and doing. Class size is currently limited to 6 people. Even though this is a one day (or two evening class) all of my students have been able to weld steel together using the Mig process to varying degrees of proficiency, by the end of the class. And of course practice makes perfect. This is due to the small class size and greater supervision by the instructor and your fellow students. Feedback on what you are doing wrong is very important in doing something that is very different from anything you have done before. You can learn it in your head but then you have to teach your hands. If class is scheduled in the evening, this is a two evening work shop from 6:30pm to 9:00pm. Tuesday and Thursday evening. If for some reason you cannot make a class you can make it up the next time it is offered without additional charge. Tuition: $180 which includes materials, gasses and other supplies. I also provide helmets, jackets and gloves. Have a group that might like to join. We offer a friends and family discount of 3 or more members that join together. More fun to learn something new together. Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their guardian, who also must be enrolled (at a discount of $20) About the instructor:I learned the craft in trade school and went into the service where I worked as a fabricator and learned knew skills and machinery. I have been blessed to be exposed to a number of trades and over the years I have worked as a prop fabricator for the film industry continuing to hone my MIG and TIG skills. This is one of the best and most useful skills I have ever learned and it will serve you for your entire life. You can register for this class at this site or at our geaheads site using Paypal at:

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Motorcycle repair and maintenance classes. We are Gearheads ( mechanics ) who are dedicated to riding a reliable and safe bike and saving a buck or two :o)

If you have ever wanted to be able to perform your own repairs on your bike here is your chance to learn from a experienced mechanic in the field. With a small investment in this course/workshop and a few tools, you will be able to perform the bulk of the scheduled (and unscheduled) repairs to your bike or scooter. The workshops are focused to slice up the systems on your bike and to make each element clearly understandable. Even the most tech averse among you will develop an understanding because unlike a book or manual I can answer your questions on the spot. You will ride a safer and more reliable bike or scooter because you have a clear understanding of how each system works and what could potentially make it deficient. Yes you will learn how to inspect and diagnose problems before they turn into an inconvenient break down many miles away from your home. If you are shopping for a new used bike this workshop can teach you how to evaluate potential candidates for your hard earned money. If all you do is stand in awe of this bike you will be taking over the repair payments that the previous owner should have paid that are now going to be picked up by you. If you are forewarned about problems then you can bargain the price down in good faith and get a real deal and fix it yourself at a much lower cost.

You can do just as good a job as a dealer albeit much slower in the beginning but at $0.00 per hour as opposed to $90 per hour. Plus you can get it done with a quicker turn around because you are your only customer. Plus the customer service of you will be great because no one love you more than you :o) Some come on what are you waiting for? You can do this and learn a life long skill to fix anything that burns gas.

We also offer a DIY garage and fablab (makerspace) for doing custom work with supporting classes in welding, wood working and machine shop.

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