#7: How to start a business and to learn programming & Cryptography for people


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18:30 - Introduction

18:45 - Talk by Isabelle Siegrist "Why, how, what - insights on starting your business and pursuing purpose"

19:05 - Networking

19:20 - Talk by Rae Knowler "My journey to programming professionally"

19:45 - Talk by Maria Dubovitskay “Cryptography for people”

20:10 - Networking


"Why, how, what - insights on starting your business and pursuing purpose” by Isabelle Siegrist

After helping several founders get going with their businesses, in this talk Isabelle will share insights and learnings on why and how you can build a purpose driven business that fits your strengths and needs.

About Isabelle:

Isabelle is a HSG Graduate and Business Developer at her company Sandborn. She helps setting up companies. Apart from majoring in business innovation she gained prior experiences with her engagement as Manager at Startups.ch, a founding plattform. She is currently working with Spicter and ScienceMatters.


"My journey to programming professionally" by Rae Knowler

Rae works as a web developer despite originally studying something quite different: materials science. In this talk they will present their bumpy journey to get there and offer some tips to others looking to do the same thing.

About Rae:

Rae is a web developer, coding in Python, PHP, Go and (sometimes) JavaScript. They work at the web agency Liip in Zürich. Originally they studied materials science, and have worked in research both in industry and academia, but in 2013 they made the switch to programming.

Rae is enthusiastic about Open Data, Open Access publishing, and promoting diversity in tech. They have participated in multiple hackathons making use of open cultural and scientific data. They also love science fiction and like to knit. Rae is nonbinary gendered and uses they/them pronouns.


“Cryptography for people” by Maria Dubovitskaya

People use online services with the belief that small amounts of information cannot reveal enough to impact them in a negative way. Whether using social networks or making an online purchase most of us share far more information than is necessary: birthdates, credit card numbers, addresses. With the increasing amount of data being shared and leaked, it is possible to build a complete picture of someone's movements, preferences, and relationships from the trail left from online interaction.In this talk, I will prove that our privacy is not a lost cause and explain how cryptography can make electronic transactions secure and give people back the control over their personal data.

About Maria:

Maria is a cryptographer at IBM Research Zurich working on designing protocols for privacy protection and applying them in practice. She recently gave a TED@IBM talk on privacy-preserving authentication. Maria holds a Ph.D. from ETH Zurich. She promotes science and tech for young girls and is the recipient of the 2012 Anita Borg Change Agent Award.


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