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We are a group of fun & friendly individuals with a wide range of interests! Some of us get nerdy about movies, science, gaming, Disney, history, cosplay, serial killers, tv shows, art, books, etc. The goal of this group is to provide a place for us to merge our interests & make new friends while exploring Charlotte! Meetup events range but may include hanging out at a nerdy event like cons and shows, playing trivia, going to see the newest Marvel movie, coloring book nights, Game of Thrones viewings, perusing cool bookstores, making crafts, checking out a comic book store, going to the beach, game nights, Carrowinds trips, trying out new bars, or anything else we can think of!

This group is an extension of a meetup group based in Los Angeles - LAdynerds. When I moved back home two years ago, I began missing the amazing group of ladies I met during our escapades and have been searching for that ever since. I've finally decided to open up a new chapter here, just as other girls have done in other cities they've moved off to after their adventures. This is a group created for women only. We intend to create a safe space for nerdy 18+ individuals that don’t fit into the typical atmosphere of male-oriented geekiness that often excludes. Please be respectful of this; if you identify as male, please do not apply for membership—you will not be accepted.

Thank you for understanding the needs of our group; we can't wait to have you join the nerdy fun!

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