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What we’re about

Sometimes being a geek girl is a lonely experience. It's hard connect with other women when they're staring at you funny because you're trying to explain your theory that the nature of a child's mutation stems partially from genetics as seen in Polaris and Magneto, but mostly from some sort of trauma before puberty, the time in which most mutants first exhibit abilities (ie: Nightcrawler wanted to disappear because of his demonic appearance and he did).

Or maybe you are always the token girl in your guild/DnD campaign/LARP/board game group...

Not in this group! We are women who LOVE your inner geek. We want you to pull it out of it's hiding place, doll it up and make it sing for our amusement. This is a place where you can meet girls who share your interests, socialize, have fun and not feel ostracized. Geek girls of all shapes, colors and creeds are welcome!

What qualifies one as a geek girl?
- Have you ever stopped talking to a friend because they thought Superman is better than Batman?
- Have you ever found yourself in a bookstore in your best wizarding garb impatiently awaiting midnight when you can FINALLY get your paws on the latest installment of your favorite book?
- Have you ever got into fights over the remote control because your show was on and if they made you miss it you would kick them to a hell so deep not even Buffy could pull them back out?

If so, then you are one of us. Welcome!


This group is for women only. It is NOT a singles group.