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Prepare to get geeky! We provide a platform for (aspiring) Data Scientists from all fields to meet up, share nerdy insights and introduce each other to Data Science applications in their field of expertise.

Why would you join? Do you like to know more about how Data Science is used today or love to share your questions and visions for the future? The GeekOut is something for you! A safe space for bold ideas and honest questions. All skill levels are welcome.
Every GeekOut has a theme and specialists from different fields will speak, discuss and participate (and there is beer & pizza)!. Whats not to like?

In COVID-19 times these sessions will be shorter and virtually hosted.

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DS/AI for a Cutural Revolution

Online event

Applied intelligence is a very lucrative field. In many industries there is a lot of money to be made through improving efficiency, stability, forecasting etc. However, there is also a huge potential for more altruistic gains. In this talk we explore how data science and AI can help understand and fight socio-economic issues.

To that end we first sketch the landscape of trends we have spotted in the area. We demonstrate how data visualizations enable quantifying society and help convince of the scale and severity of problems. We philosophise what human biases can be solved by AI – provided we fastidiously guard against human bias seeping into that very AI. We also look at the tangible impact that data and AI have when used in pragmatic solutions, for example by increasing accessibility for people with a visual impairment.

After that it is time to get our hands dirty. We challenge you to get involved using your data science and AI skills to tackle socio-economic issues. Of course we need to set the right example first, so we discuss a few of our own passion projects.

• Theory
o Visualizing problems
o Decision making
o Pragmatic solutions

• Practice
o Coding challenge
o Own projects for inspiration

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Model Risk Management in the Age of AI and ML

Online event

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