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GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet - November 29th: NaNoGeKo

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18+ event

How convenient that this should fall on the week of full moon. Embrace the beast within, it's lycanthropy month, and werebeasties of all breeds are welcome. Check your silver at the door, no entry permitted to vampires or those damn Van Helsing types.
PRE-MEET 12:00 Midday (Poll pending)
Polling for this months venue will begin on Facebook on the 18th! Be sure to vote or comment if you intend to be there, so we can give the venue an idea of how many to expect.

EDIT: We will be at the Boiler Room on Hill's Lane from 12 until about 2. See you there.
MAIN EVENT: 14:00 - Midnight
Back to Montgomery's tower, and I think we all know what game is going to be seeing the most play time when the theme is Lycanthropy (although new attendees may not be quite so aware, we'll show you).
An ever dwindling number of posters remain for purchase at this month's main event. £2 is the requested donation, but you can pay whatever you'd like to keep GeekOut going.
It needn't take a month and three thousand words to write a passable horror, it's possible to write a horror story in only two sentences. Google it! There's loads...
Oh, but try not to steal them, because I want you try writing your own two sentence horror story. The best, be it the scariest, cleverest, or otherwise bestest, gets this months' disappointing prize. Second and third places will also be "rewarded".
On the list this month, the games library will include, but is not limited to:

- Braggart
- Bucket of Doom
- Cards Against Humanity
- Cthulhu Dice
- DC Deck Builder
- Dungeon Roller
- Eight Minute Empires
- Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards 2 Rumble at Castle Tentakill
- Fluxx (assorted)
- Kingdomino
- Love Letter
- Magic: the Gathering
- Munchkin
- One Night Revolution
- Rhino Hero
- Saboteur
- Tsuro
- Welcome To The Dungeon
- Werewolf
- Zombie Dice

More games might appear.
Video games as a maybe, although this time I'll be sure to get the projector hooked up early this time so that if we do get around to it we'll be ready.
Cosplay is behaviour we condone and encourage at GeekOut events, and remember the more you cosplay the more often others will be encouraged to do so.
As it's Halowe'en (and as I was asked nicely) we shall also have a costume competition! More chances for prizes, but as this was uploaded late, you don't have long to get costumed up!