What we're about

Geek.Zone is the place to meet like-minded geeks in Chelmsford through events, projects and activities!

We are a community of individuals who are proud to call ourselves geeks. We feel that it is good, even great, to be passionate, to be knowledgeable and to be able to make the world a better place.

Our geekery comes in all of its glorious forms, from Computers to Comics and from Physics to Fabrics, we love it all.

Geek.Zone/Chelmsford is part of the Geek.Zone community. Once you have been to a few events, we ask that you join Geek.Zone so that you can enjoy being part of everything that it has to offer. Membership is just £1 so get involved! This gives you access to the forums, blogs, knowledge base and more!

We often have joint events with the other Geek.Zone Districts in Coventry & London. You will always have the chance to meet awesome new geeks.

So if you are a geeky girl or a geeky guy, and want to have fun with great geeks, jump in! If you like what your GeekZone does, please support it generously

For more info, as well as for other geeky goodies, check out...

• Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/GeekZone-Chelmsford/1525459174354281)

• Twitter (http://twitter.com/GeekZoneChelms)

• Geek.Zone (http://geek.zone/chelmsford)

• Support your Geek.Zone (https://www.patreon.com/GeekZone)

Upcoming events (5)

GeekZone Annual General Meeting & Birthday Party: Grub, Gaming & Geekery!

It's our birthday! Time to celebrate with cake, party rings and muchos merriment! It's also our AGM, where you get to have your say on your Geek.Zone's activities, officers and direction in the next 12 months. This short meeting ensures that your Geek.Zone is doing its best for you, so do come along and eat cake! After the AGM has concluded, it's time to party in celebration of another year of Geek.Zone! This year, join us via Discord http://geek.zone/discord

Movie Night: Saturday night at the movies, who cares what picture you see?!

Join us on our "movienight" Discord channel for Saturday Night at the Movies! http://geek.zone/discord Each week we will be sharing a great movie, so if you have any suggestions, write voice them in the comments! Some favourites include Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, of course! How about some you might not have heard of, such as Flight of Dragons, or Cockneys vs Zombies? All suggestions welcome! Stock up on popcorn on your fortnightly shop, then grab a pack and a seat. Dim the lights, and join us for a classic!

Geek.Zone/Minecraft: Build Challenge!

Online event

Join Geek.Zone/Minecraft where you can build to your heart's content! Each week, we set a different build challenge, and the first one to complete it wins a prize! Add minecraft.geek.zone to your launcher and jump in! We use discord to talk too, so join now at http://geek.zone/discord All the details are at https://Geek.Zone/Minecraft See you there!

HackLab: Sunday Code Club #meetandcode

Online event

Want to improve your coding skills? How about building something that the entire Geek.Zone community will use? Are you desperate for more devs in your life? Would you like a professional reference too? Come to HackLab, our weekly software development group where we talk about all things code. We are particularly eager to progress all the projects that Geek.Zone is working on - see our Trello at https://trello.com/b/QEXZPnUb Due to public health concerns, we will ONLY be meeting on the "dev" voice channel of our discord until further notice. https://geek.zone/discord PS Wondering what the event image is? It's a Glider from Conway's Life. Eric S. Raymond has proposed the glider as an emblem to represent the hacker subculture.

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