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Designing for T-shirts and garments is one of those areas where just the smallest details done right can make a huge difference: between a few sales & a lot of sales or between a promotional shirt that is used to clean a car and one that’s not just worn, but people ask you where one bought the shirt.

The purpose of the group is to help people that want to make garments for any reason including:

- Promotional giveaways (premiums) for their company.

- Designs and illustrations meant for sale of the garment.

- Creating their own t-shirt line, creating t-shirts and garments related to their own company, comic, stories or intellectual property.

- Basically this group is for anyone that whatever reason might want to be creative on or with a garment by addressing the sometimes small but vital bits of knowledge that will help those designs become extremely effective in getting their t-shirts or other garments sold, seen, often worn, & circulated.

Let’s be clear on one thing: T-shirt and garment design is so very much more than simply printing a company logo on a shirt or using artwork you have from your comic, cartoon, or some story and just printing that on the front of a shirt. It may involve your logo and you may use artwork you already have, but there is so much nuance & knowledge in using those building blocks to make a very nice, effective, great looking t-shirt or garment.

- What is exactly the difference between a blah promotional shirt immediately used as a car rag and one that looks like it was bought in a store?

- What are the building blocks that go into shirt meant to not just sell, but sell well? What goes on in people’s heads when buying a shirt or garment?

- How do you save money when printing shirts and how can you save A LOT of money with silk screeners?

- Silk screeners are good at base function of printing shirts, NOT designing them.

These are just a few of the topics that this group will address This group was started because people who are not lucky enough to have access to industry training seem to make the same mistakes every time when designing garments. Good designers and good artwork that could be a great fun popular t-shirt that misses the mark, but didn’t need to because just the smallest bit of change could make it so much more effective for its goals.

This group exists to share with anyone that wants the knowledge the tips, tricks and how to’s that industry designers know.

The last place Topher worked for an employer was at a souvenir silkscreen company where the only position above him was the GM and he was directly involved in selling, designing, producing & shipping over 5,000 garments EVERY DAY. Everything is right time, right client but just ONE DESIGN of his for ONE CLIENT made the company $10,000. This knowledge is now poured into Geekdom Wear that fills a void in the geek community to sell original designs as opposed to the normal garments designs which are big company licensed properties (read main characters from comics, movies, video games and such.)

Topher and Jonelle's job experience before and with Geekdom Wear's is now available to those that come to this free group and is useful for anyone that wants to make the best shirt they can by implementing small but very important inside industry details that really do make the difference.

The best part is that those bits of information are generally simple: the kind of thing you realize should be done once you hear them are very easy to implement into whatever you plan on creating t-shirt and garment design for.

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