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First Year Patterns by Patrick Flor

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First Year Patterns: Surviving and Succeeding as a New Developer

Patrick Flor ( will be talking about the highs and lows of the first year on the job as a software engineer. He will cover some practices and priorities that might help early-career developers cope with the pace of work, grow into their roles, keep learning, and maintain work-life balance, whatever that is.

Patrick Flor

I soften ware, turning data into actionable information for salespeople at Groupon. I'm a 2013 graduate from University of Kansas with a degree in CS, after past lives as a gardener, a primary school band director, and a humanities grad student. When I'm not working/learning, I'm playing with my wonderful wife and two sons, making music, cobbling together poems, reading, cooking, or doing all the less glamorous things that make these possible. Preferred instruments: Clojure, Emacs, Git+hub, OmniFocus, (French) horn.