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Welcome to Geekocracy - the best Meetup group for fun events with your fellow geeks and gamers! The goal of this group is to coordinate fun and inclusive social events - like happy hours, game nights, movie premiers, etc. - to get out from behind our TV screens and make new friends. Geek culture is taking over the world and we're going to be in the middle of it! If anyone has recommendations or would like to help with organizing events, reach out to me or one of our event organizers. Any other issues, reach out to me directly.

We have a Discord chat room, also - speak to any event organizer when you come out to your first event to join us!

If you would like to chip-in with a voluntary contribution to help cover our costs and the monthly 'Meetup' group subscription of $19.99/month, then click here: https://secure.meetup.com/Geekocracy/contribute/

Important: If you have been inactive for longer than 2-months (determined by 'last viewed' date), you will be removed in order to keep membership numbers accurate (you're welcome to rejoin - just stay active!)

Member Titles:
Contributor - Contributed a monetary donation to the group by way of http://www.meetup.com/Geekocracy/contribute
Founding Member - Joined Geekocracy during it's inaugural month!
Safe-Mode - Temporarily away or taking a break from the group - immune from the 2-month inactivity limit.
Geek Legacy - Long-term member who has moved out of the area but will always have a home here among friends.

***All events are strictly 18+ unless with a parent or legal guardian***

Upcoming events (5)

Epcots Food and Wine Festival


Food and Wine festival Geert your snacks on with food inspired from around the globe. There are different Kiosks with food and wine samples ranging from $4-$12. They make it super easy and offer a gift card that you can use that attaches to your wrist which keeps you from needing to pull a wallet out constantly.

Bowling at Pinchasers Armenia with Shenanigans.

Pin Chasers Midtown

Do you like to bowl? Are you an amazing bowler or do you just come to bowl a 69 and drunk bowl? Well come join Geekocracy for a fun night of bowling. We allow everyone to come regardless of ability, whether you are here to watch, critique, point and laugh, or bowl. However one thing humans only no sharks allowed, this includes people in shark costumes. Note bowling costs about $16-$17 for 2 hours unlimited bowling with shoe rental and the alley has food. Afterwards we can go someplace nearby to hangout if anyone is willing too.

Grand Arena - Board Games

Grand Arena of Mind Expansion

Meet us at Grand Arena for board games. It costs $4 for a year pass and $16 per visit. The session starts at 5 and ends at 11. Come anytime within that timeframe. http://www.grandarena.net

Book Club - Watchmen and The Ocean At the End of the Lane

Joe's New York Diner

We have two shorter books to read this month. One is the graphic novel, Watchmen and the other is The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman.

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Book Club - Where the Crawdads Sing

Tibbys New Orleans Kitchen

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