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Welcome to Geekocracy - the best Meetup group for fun events with your fellow geeks and gamers! The goal of this group is to coordinate fun and inclusive social events - like happy hours, game nights, movie premiers, etc. - to get out from behind our TV screens and make new friends. Geek culture is taking over the world and we're going to be in the middle of it! If anyone has recommendations or would like to help with organizing events, reach out to me or one of our event organizers. Any other issues, reach out to me directly.

We have a Discord chat room, also - speak to any event organizer when you come out to your first event to join us!

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***All events are strictly 18+ unless with a parent or legal guardian***

Upcoming events (5+)

Casino Night at Seminole Hard Rock

Hard Rock Cafe

It's time to put all our poker training to good use! We're going to have a casino night! We'll start out with dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe (I'll make reservations as we get closer to the day of), then we'll hit the casino floor for some loose slots and table games, then finish the night out in the Council Oak Lounge. Dress sexy!

Play Dungeons & Dragons!

Location visible to members

Play 'Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition'! The location will be sent to all RSVP's prior. Sign up and join the Geekocracy #dungeons-and-dragons discord channel, too! Click here: https://discord.gg/r6SAqqx

Congo River Minigolf in Clearwater!

Congo River Golf

Let's play minigolf at Congo River Lake Course in Clearwater! Carpooling is recommended for those coming from the Tampa-side of the bay - link up in the comments or discord chat to figure out rides. Cost per game: $12.99 We will be splitting into teams with four players each so that way we do not occupy the entire course. Depending on how we feel afterwards we may go to get something to eat or drink afterwards. Website: www.congoriver.com

Giant Water Balloon Fight!

Al Lopez Park

Let's have a giant water balloon fight! We will split into two giant teams when we get there and I'll explain the scoring system the day of, but let's just say whichever team makes the other wettest will win! The game will last until the final water balloon has been thrown or we've been tossing balloons around for an hour. We will provide a way to signify which team you are on with flag football belts. You can add coloring or whatever you want to make your particular water balloons unique and fun, but if anyone adds any chemicals or things that will hurt someone (like freezing them) then you'll be banned forever. What you need to bring: - Water balloons pre-filled in giant buckets so we don't need to wait and fill them up the day of. (There are water spickets to fill balloons at the park, but try to bring them pre-filled so we don't spend an hour filling up balloons). - Any fun foam or inflatable shield or ingenious way to deflect water balloons to keep you from getting soaked. - A Trash bag for a clean-up walk after the game (let's not leave the park a mess). - Comfortable running shoes. - Your wildest, most ridiculous outfit you don't mind getting wet or ruined. - A towel to dry off after. This is a public park, so no alcohol is allowed. We will all go out drinking after depending on how many players we have and a where can accommodate us.

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