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Welcome to Geekocracy - the best Meetup group for fun events with your fellow geeks and gamers! The goal of this group is to coordinate fun and inclusive social events - like happy hours, game nights, movie premiers, etc. - to get out from behind our TV screens and make new friends. Geek culture is taking over the world and we're going to be in the middle of it! If anyone has recommendations or would like to help with organizing events, reach out to me or one of our event organizers. Any other issues, reach out to me directly.

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Upcoming events (5+)

January Board Game Night and Taco Bar Bonanza!

Needs a location

"Brace yourselves... winter Board Game Night is coming...!" -Ned Stark before playing Talisman. Let's do this thang, boys and girls! This will be the first BOARD GAME NIGHT of 2019 hosted by none other than the fabulous Leo and Maria at their home in Wesley Chapel/New Tampa area! You're all invited to join and the food theme for this evening will be TACO BAR BONANZA! What to bring: - A board game if you'd like to play a specific one. - Something for out Taco Bar potluck (shells, tortillas, shredded chicken, ground beef, lettuce, onion, etc.) - Alcohol (especially caronas and limes) - Yourself! We will send out the exact address the day before. Please make sure that if you RSVP, you actually intend to show up. If the event is full with a waitlist and you're RSVP'd but decide to no-call/no-show, you will be INCINERATED!

Seminole Hard Rock Gasparilla Pirate Festival!

Taps Restaurant Bar & Lounge

The Gasparilla Pirate Festival will be on Saturday, January 26th this year! If you're planning on going, RSVP and come on out! The 2019 schedule and info can be found on their website here: http://gasparillapiratefest.com/main-festival/

Sa Ri One Korean Grill for Lunch at New Brandon Location

1025 W Brandon Blvd

Backed by popular demand and recommended from our members and voted one of the best Korean BBQ places in Tampa lets visit Sari One Grill for lunch. If you have not had Korean food it is delicious and can be spicy, very similar to Thai and other Asian Cuisine. Lets have some fun. Menu Www.sarionegrill.com

Church of Nintendo: Royal Rumble!

Green Light Bar

Church of Nintendo is setting up a bunch of old school systems and there are drink specials! Everyone go right now!

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Disc Golf at Limona Park

Limona Park- Brandon 9 hole golf - B rating

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