Poker Party at My Place! Texas Hold'em and Five Card Draw.

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Poker party! Let's end the week - and month - playing the greatest game of both skill and luck! I'll cater the event with the food, so everyone is invited to bring alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks and/or cash to help me cover the cost of ordering out. The food served will be EL GRANDE TACO BAR!

We will try to have two games going on at once - one will be Texas Hold'em and the other Five Card Draw. We won't be doing any cash gambling - but I will have prizes for various winners of the evening!

I will send out my address to all RSVP's the day before, but I am located in Town n' Country just west of the highway on Hillsborough Blvd.

*Important* If I haven't met you personally yet, you will not be able to come to this event as it is at my home. Look for other events between now and then so you won't be a stranger anymore!

If you would like to be a designated dealer for one of the table games, let me know =)

If anyone has an extra set of poker chips, let me know as well - my set is only 600-count.