Giant Water Balloon Fight!

This is a past event

33 people went

Al Lopez Park

4810 N Himes Ave · Tampa, FL

How to find us

Link up in comments or discord

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Let's have a giant water balloon fight! We will split into two giant teams when we get there and I'll explain the scoring system the day of, but let's just say whichever team makes the other wettest will win! The game will last until the final water balloon has been thrown or we've been tossing balloons around for an hour. We will provide a way to signify which team you are on with flag football belts.

You can add coloring or whatever you want to make your particular water balloons unique and fun, but if anyone adds any chemicals or things that will hurt someone (like freezing them) then you'll be banned forever.

What you need to bring:
- Water balloons pre-filled in giant buckets so we don't need to wait and fill them up the day of. (There are water spickets to fill balloons at the park, but try to bring them pre-filled so we don't spend an hour filling up balloons).
- Any fun foam or inflatable shield or ingenious way to deflect water balloons to keep you from getting soaked.
- A Trash bag for a clean-up walk after the game (let's not leave the park a mess).
- Comfortable running shoes.
- Your wildest, most ridiculous outfit you don't mind getting wet or ruined.
- A towel to dry off after.

This is a public park, so no alcohol is allowed. We will all go out drinking after depending on how many players we have and a where can accommodate us.