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Do you consider yourself to be part of the Geek, Nerd, and Game culture? Do you also get a 404 when you try to find others to share your passion for games, anime, manga, programming, computers, science, tech, gadgets, etc.. ? We understand your feeling and that is why we must unite and start an alliance!

During the Geeks united Meet-Ups we organize events like Board Game Nights, Going to the Arcadehall, Check out Comic book shops and reading the coolest comics, visiting events together, and much more. Everything to connect geeks, gamers, and nerds!

-Expats & Local friendly-

https://www.findgeekspots.com for cool geek spots in your city.

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Upcoming events (2)

Mario Kart tournament @ The Hague

Needs a location


Hey Geeks,

Welcome to Mario Kart!
A few weeks ago, we had a Mario Kart tournament in Rotterdam. This time, Jasper from The Mario Kart Hague Meetup has been so gracious to lend us his space and equipment! He has a beautiful office in the city center of The Hague, and he has organized many Mario Kart events in the past and in the future!

Up to 16 players, this may be subject to change.
A mix of controllers is available, but if you have a preference for a controller, please bring your own.

MarioKart 8 Deluxe on Nintendo Switch
Playing on 150 CC kart/motor (gotta go fast!...but not too fast).
Don't worry: you don't have to be a professional .. it's all about having fun!

The entrance will be € 3,50.
A payment link will be sent when you RSVP.

A big office in downtown The Hague, at 5-10 minute walking distance from The Hague Central. It has lots of space to walk around, chat with other people, and see how others are doing in the game!
After you pay the fee using the payment link, the exact location of the event will be shared with you.

If you are in the city earlier, check out some hidden geek spots in the city of The Hague.
Geek Spots in The Hague.

Hope to see you there!

Meetup Mashup Barbecue @ Westerpark

Needs a location

Hey Geeks!

Spring is underway and summer is almost here, a great time to have a Barbecue!

We've gotten in touch with other Meetup organisers, and we are organising this event together.

Other groups participating:
- Geeks United
- In Amsterdam under 35
- Kims Meetup / Dutch Welcome
- Amsterdam International Travellers Meetup
- Amsterdam Parties
- Locals and long-term in Amsterdam
- Social Meetup for Hobbyists NL

We will do that barbecue potluck style, which means that everybody brings some food or drinks. This way, there will be enough for everyone!
Examples of things you can bring are meat, salads, bread, vegan food, drinks or sauces. Also don't forget to bring something to sit on, like picnic blankets!

The organizers will provide the BBQs, coal and music. Depending on the attendance, we may need more BBQs, so if you can bring one, please let us know!

The barbecue will be held at Westerpark. They have a big open space where we can go. Here is the link on Google Maps

Walk-in is from 15:00, the BBQs will go on shortly after.
If you are a part of multiple participating groups, please RSVP in 1 of them :)

are you in the city earlier? check out some hidden geek spots in the city.

Things to do in Amsterdam.

Hope to see you there!

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Ninja Scroll Movie Night - Lazy Sunday Onesie

Needs a location

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