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Paranoia Skype Game

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Hello Citizen,

Welcome to Alpha Complex you have assigned as a troubleshooter for [Redacted for security reasons]. A mission is coming up that needs your attention. You may not know how to play well, you are in luck knowing how to play is treasonous, you wouldn't want to be treasonous would you? Character's will be generated completely by random, to ensure victory for Friend Computers mission.


Will I have fun?
Yes, Fun is mandatory citizen.

Is this like [insert favorite RPG here]?
Your in luck citizens. This game is 137% +/- 137% more fun that any other non fun rpg as calculated by Friend computers ministry of propaganda.

What is the point of this Game?
[Red Clearance] Your job is to aid Friend computer in all things. All Hail friend computer.

[Ultra-violet clearance] Your job is to back stab, kill, maim, incriminate, prove treasonous, and otherwise prove you are better then your other trouble shooters. It is of course your duty to do this under the guise of helping friend computer.

What is a traitor? Well, Mutants are traitors and members of secret societies are traitors. This means you are doubly a traitor. And, Commies! Please see yourself to the nearest confession and extermination booth. Friend Computer is here to help you.

Why over skype?
[Ultra-Violet] This game has a lot of note passing to the GM for doing things, Skype Facilitates this nicely.

Character Generation?

Choose a Name, sector, Secret Society, and service group. And, Friend computer will decant your clones right away. Isn't friend computer generous. Don't know the secret society's or service groups, not a problem citizen just say random and the friend computer will help you decide.

Whenever we can get people to agree to play.

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