Tombstone Halloween Decoration Class




This class lasts 3 Saturdays, along with a little outside time (due to drying time of Glue and Paint). Materials are included to make a VERY high quality tombstone Halloween decoration that would cost about $80 to purchase. Each tombstone blank will be 2 ft wide by 4 ft tall. Below is a sample photo of the type of tombstone we'll be making. In our class we won't haves skulls or spiders to add to your tombstone. Everyone will customize the design of their tombstone on the first day of class . Class schedule below the photo...

The Celtic Cross could be an option to build too. Contact me to make if you want to make this one...

1st Saturday :

- Overview of steps

- Cut out tombstone and base pieces

- Engrave tombstone

- Glue pieces together

Tue or Thur Homework at Geekspace

- Glue tombstone into base

2nd Saturday

- Final aging and shaping of tombstone

- Apply first base coat of paint

Tue or Thur Homework at Geekspace

- Apply second coat of paint

3rd Saturday

- Age with tea stain paint

Homework at home

- White paint dry brushing