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First thing: Thanks all of you who helped build/move our furniture and storage around to get to where we are already!


Everyone is welcome to come by to check out the space on Thursdays! We would like to encourage visitors to stop by and see what we are building but please look on the board in the front lobby for the volunteer of the day who will show you around.

Most of the construction is completed so I've changed the description a bit. We are currently exploring options for building the electronic entry system. There is ongoing work happening on the website, registration, payment, entry software, and there is some finish work to be completed on the shelves and in the workshop. The mill and lathe are almost ready for a preview with some final cleanup and testing

We will be doing organizational things like processing, sorting, and storing incoming donations, building storage for the parts and donations and other housekeeping tasks. I'm going to be putting together a whiteboard of tasks that need to be accomplished, some will be weekly cleanup tasks and others will be one time tasks. Look for it in the big room. Also if you see something that you think needs doing please add it to the list or just do it :)

Members, Please feel free to bring in your projects and work on them at ANY TIME, pitch in and help as you can on the tasks we need to get done, or both!

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