What we're about

Looking for more folks like you? Do the people at work miss your movie quotes? You need to find more quirky folks like you....... Someone to build a trebuchet with, geek out at MST3K, brew great mead, get excited about scientific advances, hug a tree, and create beautiful and outlandish costumes.

We are a group of Misfit Toys; bright, funny, generous, quirky, geeky, nerdy, smart, artistically and musically inclined, possessors of crazy amounts of trivia. We are lovers of campfires, trees, tiedye, laughing all day, acting like kids, good food, better booze, hugs, smart jokes.

We've been camping together for 15 years out in the Hill Country. As people graduated, moved, had tiny babies, went to grad school, etc. our group has become smaller, and it's harder for us to pull off our crazy-awesome campouts twice a year. Because many of us have been dear friends for 20 years or more, we also hang out a lot in between campouts.

SO - for the first time, we're reaching out into the unknown of the General Population to see if there are kindred souls out there who'd enjoy joining us in our camping adventures.

The only qualifications you need are self sufficiency, kindness, and respect. We have three rules (not two, or four... and five is right out) - 1. Don't break the peace. 2. Don't be a di@^head. 3. Leave no trace.

Past events (5)

17th Anniversary Spring Campout!

Needs a location

Fall Campout at Recreation Plantation

Needs a location

May Campout at Rec Plant

Needs a location

FALL CAMPOUT!!!!!!! Huzzah!

Needs a location

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