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Friday the Firkinteenth
Friday the Firkinteenth is our most famous event. Every Friday the 13th since February 1998, we have tapped a bunch of cask ale. Once again, we will tap a lot of cask ale, but for this one we are switching it up. There will be one session, starting at 2pm, with about 40 different pins. Pins are exactly half the size of a firkin. Come early, come later, stay for the whole thing, whatever you like, we'll have lots of freshly tapped cask ale. Many people consider Friday the Firkinteen their favorite Philadelphia beer event. Friday the Firkinteenth won "Best Beer Event" from Philly Beer Scene twice. A (hopefully) interesting bit of trivia, this is probably the only beer event in the world whose frequency and timing are completely at the mercy of the calendar. Like pretty much every Grey Lodge event, Friday the Firkinteenth is pay as you go. No tickets, no cover charge. FRIDAY THE FIRKINTEENTH #36 - 13 APRIL 2018 Updated: Sun, 18 Feb 2018 One Session - 2pm to 10pm Abita TBA Broken Goblet TBA Dock Street TBA Free Will TBA Levante TBA Manayunk TBA Naked TBA River Horse TBA #1 River Horse TBA #2 Rivertowne TBA Round Guys TBA Sly Fox TBA Weyerbacher TBA Yards TBA and many, many more! More! - Photo op with the Hammer of Glory! - Kick a cask, get a shirt (all day) As usual, We will be stocking up on 8oz glasses so you can safely try several of these great beers. Also, as usual, there will be pitchers of water all over. Events like Groundhog Day and Friday the Firkinteenth are too hectic for us run tabs or accept credit cards. On rare days like those we are cash only. Kick a Cask, Get a Shirt If you kick a cask, we'll give you a free, extremely limited-edition T-shirt. We switch up the design and color for each Firkinteenth. Ringing the Bell When a cask kicks, we ring a bell, which means an angel gets his wings. At the last Firkinteenth, 22 angels got their wings. You may be thinking "sure an angel gets his wings but what do we get?" Whoever buys the beer that kicks a cask gets a free I Kicked the Cask t-shirt. These are the usual type of t-shirts that have holes for neck and arms but no holes for wings, so angels will just have to be happy with wings. These shirts are custom made for each Firkinteenth and are not for sale. You have to kick a cask to get one.

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    A social group for all of us who are proud to be GenX and many of us no onger getting carded. We're going to explore craft brews in the Philadelphia area and make fun of the wine drinkers. Just kidding. Maybe.

    Open to everyone but focused on the tiny generation born between the years 1965 and 1985. Or if you: remember having to "learn" email, when making a phone call changed to 20 cents, think the 1980 Winter Olympics was the ultimate in sport history, Mike Schmidt, Dr. J, the Muppet Show, pegging your jeans.

    Looking for lots of good ideas and people who show up after RSVP'ing "yes". We are a group for singles, couples, men, women, gay, straight, blondes, little people, Buddhists... if you feel left out, I will be happy to add on to the list.

    And please do not get all punctuation-correcting on me, I happen to be an English major and I have decided that GenXer does not need an apostrophe. Have an issue? Start your own group!

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