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The aim of this Meetup is to have conversations from a deeper, safer place where people of any gender and all identities across generations and cultures can voice experiences and listen and learn from others.

Through open dialogue we are working to create an inclusive space to cultivate greater understanding, respect and meaning in the face of the #MeToo campaign, particularly within the workplace.

Leaders in every industry are having to confront the effects of the expression of power which result in gender and sexual discrimination in the modern workplace and society. Assumptions and unconscious biases are shaping organisational and societal cultures, often resulting in unfair discrimination against women and minority groups.

It is only together that we can co-create a more inclusive and fair society, and more harmonious and healthy workplaces. It is only by listening to each other, with non-judgement, that we can challenge our assumptions and generate new thinking together.

This is a circle participatory event where listening is as valuable a mode of participation as voicing. One of our guiding principles is that most of the problems we face are generated by the misuse of power. It is present in every relational situation, so we try to encourage other sorts of power - power with, power within. In this space we are all ‘experts’ in our own experience and in time, our own power.

Dialogue allows us to hold a space where we can move through discomfort and challenge to a deeper level of shared understanding and meaning; it allows the creation of new thinking.

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