Marketing BS with Edward Nevraumont


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About This Event
This event series will help simplify your business — and your job. Each month, host Edward Nevraumont will cover a different marketing function or tactic and show, with humor and topical examples, why it’s generally a waste of time. He’ll then explain what really works. Every month Edward will be joined by a local business leader who will share their take on the monthly “Marketing BS” topic.

August featured guest: Noah Trannen, CEO/Founder, Rupert
August Topic: Brand

This month we cover brand marketing:
- Liking what we know.
- Re-launching Tampax.
- A new logo for an insurance company.
- McDonalds has nothing to do with Scotland.
- Funcierge.
- Brand Personality.
- Being seen and remembered.

6:00pm: Check-in, networking feel free to grab a drink at Coterie Lounge!
6:30pm: Program and Q&A
7:30pm: Networking

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