What we're about

People who have survival skills and anyone wanting to learn.

My intention is to have a local group who will teach and help one another with their preps and survival needs and who can support one another during disasters or SHTF situations. I have found other groups but they are all an hour or more away. This might work for training but it doesn't work well for support when things go wrong.

I have mechanical, electrical, woodworking and welding skills that I can teach others and use to help others who do not have those skills.

Things I would like to learn are: Ammo reloading - Curing (Smoking/salting/drying) food for short and long term storage and Ham radio communication skills.

Projects I am currently working on are: Building a 24 volt wind and solar electric system - Building wood gasifiers to run my generator and an old pickup truck.

I am fairly confident that I can do these things on my own but I am always willing to hear other people's ideas and would love to let others work with me so they could learn and then we could could one for them next.

It would also be great to develop a communications network so that in SHTF situations, we can respond to and help those in the greatest need.

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