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Talk: Test and deliver non-linear workflows with Newman and GoCD. (Campus Only)
Authors: Anna Foix, Joon Lee, Fabio Madeira, Szymon Chojnacki (TBC) We would like to share our experience of using two tools: Newman and GoCD. Newman is a command-line tool to test REST APIs. It is a NodeJS module. Newman accepts test collections generated in Postman. In Postman one can quickly build new test scenarios via a graphical user interface. The tests are written in JavaScript. We found it useful to write functional tests for jobs submitted to LSF. We will show you how we integrated Newman with TravisCI for public tests. Also how to install Newman in EBI's VMs to use it in internal pipelines. GoCD is a continuous delivery server. It was made open-source by ThoughtWorks and is a compelling alternative to Jenkins. We will show how we use it in EBI to poll private GitHub repository and distribute artifacts to different datacenters (OY, PG, HX-WP, HH-WP). We will also describe how to overcome some problems with VMs related to blocking SSH in external communication. Please come to our presentation and give us feedback. We wish to thank Ijaz Ahmad and Andrea Cristofori from Web Production for help in technical issues.

Kendrew Lecture Theatre

Genome Campus · Hinxton

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