Two Talks on Containers: Yasset Perez-Riverol and Pablo Moreno (Campus Only)

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We now have two talks for this session


Yasset shares his work on the BioContainers ( project.

BioContainers ( is a community-driven project that provides the infrastructure and basic guidelines to create, manage and distribute Bioinformatics Docker containers with special focus in Proteomics, Genomics, Transcriptomics and Metabolomics.

Some links:

- Home Page:

- GitHub:

- Registry:

PhenoMeNal and Containers

Pablo Moreno will talk about his work on PhenoMeNal

The PhenoMeNal consortium, led by the Steinbeck group at EMBL-EBI, has been working during the past year on building an e-infrastructure that can be easily deployed on cloud providers to tackle large scale data analysis problems in metabolomics.

For this aim, we have been working on containerising metabolomics software tools and running them on top of a container orchestrator environment (Google Kubernetes), a cluster for containers that can be deployed on scalable infrastructure.

To encapsulate all of this complexity to the user, we provide a workflow environment layer, that runs as another container on the container orchestrator, based on the popular Galaxy workflow environment.

We have contributed to Galaxy the ability to both talk to the container orchestrator for job scheduling purposes and to run inside the container orchestrator. As such, our main running requirements becomes a running Kubernetes installation, available as turn-key technology on many cloud providers, and a shared file system available to Kubernetes nodes.