What we're about

This is a community of DNA-personalized app developers who are passionate about human DNA, genomics, and the potential it has to transform the way we live our lives.

What we do
We host hackathons every few months to exchange ideas on how we can design a smarter and healthier lifestyle based on our DNA in an age where genetic information becomes available to everyone. Some of these ideas are subsequently developed into real products and services that tangibly impact the world.

What to expect
- Learn what information and insights are available from your DNA
- Learn how to create your own DNA-personalized apps through GENOME LINK API ( https://genomelink.io/developers)
- Access a community of likeminded developers

This is for you
- Software developers
- Entrepreneurs
- UI/UX Designer
- Bioinformatician
- Researchers

- Physicians
- Students interested in software development, biotech, DNA...

Join us
Judging by the striking speed of technological advancement, we envision a near future where every single person will own and have easy access to his or her own genetic code. But we have no idea what that world looks like, and what kind of information, insights, and potential we can uncover from within our very own bodies.
Our hackathon events will bring together a community of innovative thinkers, software engineers, designers, students, and anyone interested in the transformative potential of the whole genome, to think about these questions together!

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