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Join us at the GeoDev meetup, no longer run by Esri UK; GeoDev is now an independent meetup!

More updates soon. The first new-style meetup will be in early 2019. Contact me for ideas and questions.

The GeoDev meetup is an open, friendly, technical gathering for developers to discuss geospatial technologies, complementary third-party tools and development platforms - whether supported by Esri or not. At the meetup you can:

• Demonstrate your application/framework.

• Present an interesting concept or idea.

• Share your experiences.

• Connect with other developers.

We welcome presentations and conversations around any geospatial APIs, SDKs and tools, proprietary and open source: from web development in JavaScript & REST, to mobile development on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, to automating tasks with Python.

Developers of all levels of expertise are welcome, from seasoned software application developers to those new to geospatial development, we aim to be inclusive.

Be sure to bring your business card and share your ideas with your peers. Contact me (https://geowebforum.com/contact) if you're interested in doing a lighting talk (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightning_Talk)about a project or idea you have.

Because we care about our community and want to foster a positive atmosphere at our events, attendees are expected to follow a code of conduct whilst participating at our meetups which can be seen at: http://confcodeofconduct.com . Please take a quick moment to read this page.

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