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Georgia Adventurers Group is your doorway to get out of the house and explore the outdoors ! Aren't you tired of sitting in the office all day, watching tv all night, playing on the Internet or playing computer games ?? Let's get outdoors !

We're an established MeetUp club, full of experienced activity leaders who enjoy the outdoors and want to share what they know with you. Whether it be hiking, backpacking, camping, kayaking, canoeing, caving, skydiving, hang gliding, outdoor photography, ....etc..etc.... if it's an adventure, we want to do it ! We also explore cultural festivals, food festivals, street markets, and programs put on at the local state & national parks.

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Are you looking for a place to share your experience in an outdoor field ? We welcome anyone who wants to lead an event for our group ! We all want to try new adventures ! Bring it on !

" Papa Smurf "

Bill Witherspoon, Organizer

Woodstock, GA

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Day Hiking at Panthers creek falls

Needs a location

Panther Creek Trailhead, Old Historic U.S.441, Clarkesville, GA PANTHER CREEK FALLS & RECREATION AREA-CNF VISIT WEBSITE Location 3995 Old Historic 441 Turnerville GA 30523 Get Directions Phone (706)[masked] Rates Standard Amenity Fee: $4/Vehicle/day NATURAL ATTRACTIONS This waterfall is located in the Panther Creek Recreation Area at the end of a 3.5-mile moderate walk along Panther Creek. The National Forest parking area is located 8 miles north of Hollywood, Ga., on old US-441 between Clarksville and Tallulah Falls. The parking area is a daily fee facility, and restrooms are available. Parking is on the west side of US441. To begin the hike from the parking area, cross over US441 and follow the trail markings. Panther Creek Falls Trail (5.5 miles) follows Panther Creek through stands of hemlock and white pine along steep, rocky bluffs of the creek. The trails passes a series of cascades as well as Panther Creek Falls. It terminates where Davidson Creek joins Panther Creek. The trail is noted for its beautiful variety of wildflowers and ferns. The stream offers excellent opportunities for trout fishermen. Allow about 1.5 hours to reach the falls and 2 hours to return. Some rock scrambling is required, and there are some steep sections, but much of the hike is relatively flat.


😀 This is a non-event meetup and is nothing but a "given". (Please check all photos in this post.) THIS ON-LINE MEETUP WILL STAY ACTIVE.👌 I CHANGE THE DATE TO BE AT THE END OF THE MONTH EACH MONTH FOR THE PURPOSE OF KEEPING ALL RECORDS INTO ONE PLACE. BASICALLY, THIS MEETUP DOES NOT END. Georgia Adventurers Group by Bill Witherspoon (Papa Smurf), the founder, is proud to inform you that each of the hiker who has completed hiking the Georgia Section of the Appalachian trail will receive a complimentary patch by The Georgia Appalachian Trail Club (GATC). Whether you hiked with this group or another group or more, you are most welcome to take advantage of it. Congratulations! You shall list all the hiking dates of all sections from the Springer Mountain to Bly Gap (unless you hike the whole GA section in one day)..ah. There is a document file in the photo album that you can use as a guide to fill out the dates. In case you cannot remember the exact dates, you will be honest and we will take your word it. Your record will be sent to GATC for the approval. We will honor it. This is a one-time reward and it is up to you if you are interested. The organizer will also issue a "Certificate of Achievement" and send it to your home address or a designated address (fill in the blank on the form). Please answer to questions when you sign up. I will contact you via private messaging to inform you the approximate date/dates that you will receive the certificate and the patch. Please keep in mind that it is all voluntary. We are making time for each other just to give you an evidence of your pride. Either I write myself a certificate and buy myself the exact same patch (which now is hard to find) or I do nothing but feeling good about my accomplishment, it was a great feeling that someone and some people gave me these two things to make the "accomplishment" tangible. However, whether you claim the patch and the certificate or not, I congratulate you sincerely. We will continue to hike the Appalachians regardless. For my part of posting, a given like this, it is my goal to host hikes dedicated to David Day, the leader who inspired me to complete the Georgia Section in late 2016. I will follow his wish (he split it into 9 series) at least once at this time. The whole 9 series will take time and it can be months or even years. Regardless of my mission, I am certain that your reason is to continue hiking because you are nature lovers. "Make Fellowship With Wilderness" . "Hiking For Fitness, Best Therapy" A string of comments may not be a good idea. I may even take time to delete them when it turns into unneccesary conversations. Please send a private message if you have a legitimate question.

Weekday Mid-Day Moderate Hike Island Ford with picnic after hike

Island Ford Visitor Center

Please note that this is a Moderate Difficulty hike, not a Beginner, Flat, or Easy hike. You should be able to hike 5.2 miles over rolling terrain, with some hill climbing, in 2 hours. Bring your own food and drink for a picnic afterward. If you are new to this hike, please read all of the information below regarding the distance, pacing, locations, and policies for this hike. Larry's phone number is[masked] This week's location and lunch:Island Ford is another Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area park. The route I take is about 5.2 miles with mostly rolling terrain, though there are few climbs. We will do the hike in about 2 hours. Dogs are allowed on this trail if leashed. The restroom is currently closed so plan accordingly. There is a $5 parking fee if you do not already have an annual CRNRA parks pass (day passes must be purchased online- see comments section). We will NOT be going to a restaurant afterwards today, those wishing to can bring your lunch and we'll eat outside at the picnic area near the river behind the Visitor Center. Prompt Departure Policy: Out of respect for the majority of people who arrive on time, we will leave promptly at the designated time, allowing 1-2 minutes of "grace period". If you arrive late, please text or call me at[masked] and I will let you know where we are on the trail so you can catch up to the group. Are you available to hike at 11AM on Wednesdays? Looking to explore some of the nice hiking locations within an hours drive of Atlanta? Looking for a moderate-paced hike of 4 to 5 miles with friendly welcoming people? Like to optionally go out for lunch afterward? Then this is the hike for you ! What: A moderate-pace hike of about 4.5 - 5.0 miles, in about 2 hours. See below for additional detail on planned pace and degree of difficulty. When: Every Wednesday at 11AM. Where: We rotate around to 12-14 locations within 30-45 minutes of Atlanta. See below for a list of our usual venues. Who: We generally have at least 20-25 people on each hike, though we've had as many as 30+. We are a friendly group and do our best to make newcomers feel welcome. Dogs are welcome everywhere we hike except Sawnee Preserve, but are required to be on a leash, and under control, at all times. Intended Difficulty/Fitness-level: The locations and trails chosen for this hike, as well as the hiking pace, are of moderate difficulty. Each hike will be between 4 and 5 miles, and we will hike that distance in about 2 hours. We pause briefly (a few minutes) 2-3 times for water breaks or to catch our breath. Most of our hikes have hill climbing involved, so these are NOT Easy or Beginner hikes. So this is a moderate hike all around, of about 2.5mph average pace. But this is also not intended to be a hard-core "workout" hike - if you prefer to hike very fast (e.g. 3mph or faster pace) our experience is that you will be frustrated with the pacing of this hike. Lunch afterward: While not required or expected, please join us for lunch afterward at a local restaurant. Restaurants chosen will be of moderate price level (e.g Taco Mac, Taqueria Tsunami, barbecue joints, etc.). Please consider an optional Membership donation will help us pay our Meetup expenses and continue to provide exciting new outings each month. You can find out more by RSVPing to the event below : https://www.meetup.com/GeorgiaAdventurersGroup/events/266690402/

$2020 - Membership Contribution

Mansell MARTA Park & Ride


Georgia Adventurers Group - Membership Contribution Thank you for being a part of Georgia Adventurers Group. Your participation is welcome and valued. This group was started so people, like you, could get out and hike together. The generosity of spirit our event leaders voluntarily provide is greatly appreciated. They work hard to make each hike an enjoyable time for all. Georgia Adventurers has much to offer. There are lots of opportunities for adventure and friendship. Your considerate participation is greatly appreciated. If you enjoy this club, join me in contributing $5.00 annually. Do understand, that MeetUp charges $23.99 per month for the use of this website, totally almost $290.00 per year. So even though most of you come on events for Free, somehow these fees must be paid for this club to continue foreward. The suggested contribution is for $5.00, although you can edit that in PayPal to be any amount you wish. This is a YEARLY contribution... NOT per month... NOT per event. Most all have agree that Georgia Adventurers Group is worth the cost of one Starbucks latte. :) Georgia Adventurers Group has never been operated as a For Profit club, nor will I ever expect it to make a profit. Any excess funds accumulated over the year will be used for something. In addition, collecting these contributions as an event keeps GAG members from having to open yet another account for a payment service called WePay that MeetUp has recently started using for the collection of membership dues. We'd like to thank all the GAG members that have supported us in past years, and we're looking forward to having even more fun in 2019! $2020 next to a name. What does it mean? $10/2019 means October 2019 is when you made a contribution. This will be removed or changed to $2020 when you make another contribution to GAG. A new contribution will change it to $2020 for the coming year, so it means this GAG member has contributed funding to the club. If you wish to help the club's funding, all you have to do is click the RSVP for YES on this page and then follow the instructions for payment. The default amount is $5, but you can edit that to whatever amount you wish to contribute. Thanks ! Bill

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