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With tremendous Optimism and Positive anticipation, I ushered in the new year 2013 with my family and friends, with our traditional fried fish, hard dough bread and honey at midnight while observing millions of others worldwide celebrate the advent of a new cycle of life. What does this new cycle of life mean to you? This is a great time to pause and reflect while expressing thankfulness . In reviewing the past year, what were your most outstanding accomplishment? What was your proudest moment? How much of your goals did you achieve? How many people are better off today because of something you did? Where did you fall short? What do you need to improve this year? As these and a million other questions race through your mind the main task however, remains: what will you do to bring you closer to achieving your chief aim? By the way, have you clearly identified your chief aim? Your task will not be completed until you shall have made your choice as to what your definite chief aim in life is to be and then recorded a description of that purpose in writing and placed it where you may see it every morning when you arise and every night when you retire. A definite purpose is something that you must create for yourself. No one else will create it for you and it will not create itself. What are you going to do about it? and when? and how? Start now to analyze your desires and find out what it is that you wish, then make up your mind to get it. Develop your plan and go at it until you arrive at your destination, which is represented by your definite chief aim. Make that aim clear and back it up with persistence, which does not recognize the word "impossible." When you come to select your definite chief aim just keep in mind the fact that you cannot aim too high. Also keep in mind the never-varying truth that you'll get nowhere if you start nowhere. If your aim in life is vague your achievements will also be vague, and it might well be added, very meagre. Know what you want, when you want it, why you want it and HOW you intend to get it. If you keep in mind and follow the sage advice in the words of W. Clement Stone "Success is achieved and maintained by those who try, and keep trying, with PMA - A Positive Mental Attitude" I have no doubt that when the sunset of 2013 arrives twelve months "yond, you too will celebrate another cycle of life - but perhaps with a different perspective, knowing that you know you are closer to achieving your chief aim.


Proclaimation: 2016 The Year of Success, Growth & Happiness

"Success is achieved and maintained by those who try, and keep on trying with PMA, A Positive Mental Attitude." This is one of the most powerful and profound motivational mantra created by W. Clement Stone, founder of Combined Insurance Company. It was no accident that the books "Success through a Positive Mental Attitude" that he co-authored with Napoleon Hill, and "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill were the foundation for my early personal and professional development as a young man building my insurance business in Kingston, Jamaica.

Stone launch the company in 1922 with $100 that he save while working with his mother at a Casualty insurance company from the age of 16. Through his audacity and tenacity he repeatedly turned "disadvantages in advantages" and was always excited about the possiblity for success. He seemed to repel negativity which enabled him to see the opportunities in every situation, even in adversity and failure.

In 1979, the year I landed in this country as an immigrant, Combined Insurance Company reach the landmark $1 billion in sales. Little did I know that two years later, the opportunity to join his company would emerge. There I learn the sales techniques and system that was the bastion of Mr Stones's success, as enunciated in the "Success System that Never Fails" the 12 series audio cassette package narrated and recorded by him. That was my business bible, in addition to having the privilege of meeting him. Yes, I too began each day with his signature "I feel healthy, I feel Happy, I feel terrific" routine that got your day started on the right mental footing.

So what does Proclaimation: 2016 The Success, Growth and Happiness of Home Based Business have to do with this, you may ask. It has everything to do with this story.

First the mental, the thinking, then the physical, the doing. Success speaks to the mental activity, the proper thinking, development and conditioning of the positive mind. This becomes the driver of the physical activities that is require the growth to take place. It repels the negativity and attitudes that build roadblocks which restrict activities and prevent growth. To experience growth, physical action, the doing is required. The thinking activity is the driver of the physical activity.

Today, the home-based business is one of the fastest growing sectors of industry. A multitude of individuals are choosing this path to success and happiness. Hence the expanding need for personal and professional development. That is why the mission of the Georgia Home Based Chamber of Commerce is to provide exclusive personal and professional development, outstanding educational training, exciting networking events and other resources to meet the needs of these entrepreneurs.

What are your intentions and expectations for 2016? What are the specific goals that you have set? Have you laid out a plan for achieving them? And most important, have you made the commitment that you will be unyielding and do everything in your power and not allow anything to stop you? That must be your mindset going into 2016, in order to experience the success and growth you seek.

Best wishes. Make it your Best Year ever!
Peace and Blessings, One Love

Jim A Foster, LUTCF, CTC

President & Co Founder

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