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Geospatial Advocacy Kenya meetups bring together geospatial industry practitioners working in the field of GIS, earth observation, and surveying. We also welcome neo-geographers and enthusiasts with an interest in location data from areas such as Big Data, IoT, Machine Learning, and BI.

Our monthly meetups will be for free or accessible at a small fee. At the meetups, members will present and discuss all matters geospatial and take time to socialize and network. The purpose of the meetups is to build a community of geospatial practitioners who are impacting their world.

Geospatial Advocacy Kenya is an initiative that seeks to advance the geospatial industry in Kenya through media & communications, events, and policy advocacy. Visit https://geospatialadvocacy.co.ke/ to learn more about us.

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Location-based App Challenge for County Government

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County governments are implementing GIS labs, but many leave us wondering what's cooking on the inside. The objective of this app-challenge is to have them develop a public-facing app. The app could answer questions like: 'Where is the nearest health facility?', 'What crops can I grow in my shamba?', and 'What is the governor doing in my neighborhood?' etc. This gives county governments a wonderful opportunity to develop a relevant information service for their citizenry. To help succeed we are opening this challenge to geospatial vendors and the developer community. How will they participate? Geospatial vendors will identify relevant county governments, run technology clinics for the developer community, and provide software licenses and datasets on a need-basis. Developers will organize themselves in teams of 4 and build a mobile or web app in collaboration with a county government. All submitted apps will be reviewed by an industry panel and the best apps will be presented in the Meetup. Are you a county government, technology vendor, or developer who wants to participate in the app-challenge? Get in touch to make this happen!

Christmas Treasure Hunt

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A detailed program of our monthly meetups will be disclosed one or two weeks ahead of the meeting. Talk to use if you can make a compelling presentation on the use of geospatial technology.

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Geospatial in Biodiversity and Environmental Management

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