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Socialize with Energy Enthusiasts for our Electric Vehicle Christmas Party!
What is all the buzz about renewable energy? How does it affect the energy industry in Canada today? We have lots of options for the next generation of energy....geothermal, solar, wind, nuclear, biomass, tidal and so many smart people working in the energy industry already, so what does the future hold? Energy Beers Nights is an informal event/opportunity to meet folks in the energy industry in Canada (renewable and oil patch alike). Rather than divisive politics about pipelines and carbon taxes, this is about chatting about the realities of all kinds of energy development and solutions. This is an opportunity to meet others interested in developing energy resources in Canada and share ideas. This month we're hosting our Electric Vehicle Christmas Party! We'll have two guest speakers this month: Jim Steil from GoElectric: Glen Gordon from Unico Power: If you have questions you'd like to ask these two, send us a message. Otherwise we look forward to seeing you all on December 18.

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Energy Beers Night started as 'Geothermal Beers Night' as a bit of support group for all those are currently working toward Canada's 1st geothermal power plants, and for all those who want to learn and help the cause. The idea: just a drink or two and an opportunity to share your enthusiasm for one of the cleanest, cost effective power supply options on earth.

Since we got started, we have had more and more interest about bringing more collaboration with other renewable energy sectors (wind, solar, biomass) and creating a welcoming environment for folks working in the other areas of energy development. The majority of the workforce in renewable energy industry in Canada have also had experience working in oil and gas and electrical infrastructure, so our crowd has a large contingent of folks that have transitioned to renewables or are just trying to better understand the industry.

Its a fun event with a very bright and entertaining crowd. We usually bring out a great speaker and keep the debate lively, and end goal is have a drink with a new friend or colleague and learn about the energy industry.

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