What we're about

The goal of this group:
1- To help our kids to form a peer group of children who speaks German.
2- To create an German speaking children friendly environment.

To communicate with people in distant places who share common social values with us, we need to speak their language.
The best age to teach your child a language to ensure the full native competence level is as early as possible (early child hood, preferably younger than 7 years old).
If you are a native German speaker, your child is most likely to be immersed in German speaking home. However, kids prefer to speak the language of their peers. That’s why we see many kids of immigrants who understand but not speak the language of their parents once they grow up.
A Suggested solution for this issue, is to have a host community that also speaks the language where other kids are also speak the language.
***** If you have a kid at an early child hood age who speaks German, we would like to have you in our group*****

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