What we're about

Want to get fit, lose weight and have fun? We are a fun group of people who like to support each other and try new food and new things to do. Some of the things we like to do are:

Being in nature, walking, cooking the keto way, baking , making fat bombs, hiking trails, being outdoors, exercising 8 minutes a day to a better body, learning how to be healthy for the rest of our lives.

Whether your goal is to get active, lose weight, learn how to eat healthy, have fun or just to meet some great new people, this group is for you. If you have any activities that you would like to do, feel free to suggest them to me.

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Is it Working? What else can I do?

Pam Maynard

Dr Ryan Lowery says if it's not working then change something, just don't change the end goal? Learn about carb cycling and carlorie cycling

Goals for 2020

Pam Maynard

Learn about setting both short term and long term goals for your health.

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Want to Quit?

Pam Maynard

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