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Festival Inn Meal
Meal at Festival Inn before the 80's Disco Night.

Festival InnTrowell

NG9 3PX · Nottingham

What we're about

Win prizes this Autumn by bringing guests with you. Together we can reduce obesity and diabetes in Nottingham.


We organise three levels of activities to suit most people in Nottingham from total "couch potatoes" through to people who are already fit and want to get fitter. Everyone 18+ is welcome to attend, and children when accompanied by an adult.

Three activity levels to help you to get fit, stay fit, and push yourself:

If you are completely new to fitness please try a level 1 activity first as these are most gentle. Once you find that easy progress to a level 2 activity and so on. You may get out of breath at times, but still be able to carry on a conversation.

Level 1 - Beginners level - mostly flat, maximum five miles
Level 2 - Suitable for most people - some hills, maximum ten miles
Level 3 - For fitter people - hilly, and potentially long distance

Group Rules

If you RSVP for an event and cannot attend, please change your RSVP to No to minimise the waiting time for fellow members before setting off at the start of the event.

You can come and try your first walk free, then it's just £10 for 12 months unlimited walks with us, or £5 extra for a couples membership which allows you to bring your partner unlimited times. You can bring unlimited guests on both memberships - limited to one free walk per guest. If your guests want to attend a second event with us they will need to become a member.

As a Get Fit Nottingham member you can also join all our other Get Fit groups for free which currently include Get Fit Derbyshire and Get Fit Leicester!

Membership fees help to cover the cost of Meetup subscription fees (as an organiser of events we have to pay), as well as monthly motivational prizes, and publicity of the group to help Nottingham get fit and healthy.

Please start on a level 1 walk, and if you find that easy go on to a level 2 walk next time, and when you find that easy try a level 3 walk next. If you struggle to keep up drop back to the previous level so that everyone can get a good workout with minimal waits.

Attendance is at own risk, no liabilities accepted. Please be extra careful crossing roads, wear non-slip footwear, appropriate clothing for the weather, and look out for any specific health and safety information on the individual event pages.

Please do not race ahead of the walk leader as you could easily go off track and lose the group.

Photographs from the events may be used for social media promotion, and other publicity.

Try your first fitness activity with us for free!

12 months UNLIMITED ORGANISED EVENTS - Just £10 for adults, and £5 student discount.

Membership covers the cost of the Meetup organiser fees payable by us (use of Meetup is free for everyone else), promotion of the group through flyers and posters, etc., and monthly prizes!

Edward Kendal and Mark Connelly won our Most Miles Walked competition in August 2018, Edward received a certificate as it is his third month winning, and Mark received this t-shirt:

Edward, Kira, and Steve were joined winners for Most Miles Walked July 2018 (Kira and Steve won the t-shirts and Edward won a 2.1 litre water bottle):

Edward Kendal was our Urban Walker of the Month for June 2018, and he won this t-shirt:

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