What we're about

There are nearly two million people in the South Bay, and yet it can be incredibly hard to meet new friends. One of the easiest ways to meet people is through common interests, and this group aims to provide a wide variety of activities with the goal of allowing people to get to meet and hopefully become friends while doing interesting and fun things.

Get Me Out of the House! differs from other activity groups in that there are no restrictions on age or type of activity, it is not a dating group, and it will include events during normal work hours. Also, while the organizer will propose events, it is not meant to be "organizer-run". If you have something you want to do, propose it and we'll make it happen!

Do you work from home or are a stay-at-home parent and miss having adult social interaction during the day? Maybe you just don't have anything planned for Friday night and need a kick to get out of the house and do something fun? Do you want to meet new people and form lasting friendships? Then this group is for you! Please join and help make this group a success for all of us.

Some examples of activities we may do include taking walks or going hiking, visiting museums, taking dance lessons, seeing a movie, or hosting a games night at someone's house. But these are only suggestions - let us know what you'd like to do!

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