Escape Room followed by Live Music and Drinks Afterwards!

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Let's escape our way out of being Shanghaied at Escapology! See below for a description of our escape scenario- it's a really fun time trying to work together to solve puzzles and escape the room! We will meet at Escapology in downtown Montgomery around 5:45 (the escape room is scheduled for 6:10, and they like everyone to arrive a bit early to ensure doing waivers and starting on time). Escape rooms allow a maximum of 8 people per room, so I am capping the event (tentatively) at 8 participants- HOWEVER! If you see that the event is full, but you are still interested in attending, please add your name to the waitlist anyway! If we get enough extra participants, we can book two rooms and split up between them! Do not pay attention to the event cap. The pricing is $29 per person, if the room has 4-8 players (which I believe we will). We do have to book this in advance, because Escapology is pretty popular on the weekends. I would like to book the entire room at once myself instead of having everyone buying tickets separately for that room, because sometimes when the room is booked for a few people, it says its full and no one else can buy tickets for that room online. In other words, the online system considers any number of bookings for that room as "Full", so we would not all be able to book the same room because it would be no longer available. For that reason, I will need a headcount about a week prior to the event if possible. This also means I will need to collect everyone's participation cost before booking the event, so that I can get us in all at once. I have Venmo, and you can message me for the details (Jenna- event host). I will also accept cash on the date of the event if you are unable to pay through Venmo (the preferred option), but PLEASE do not agree to go and then back out!!

The escape room itself allows a maximum of one hour to escape. After the escape room, let's celebrate our victory (or drown our losses), and chat and get to know each other with drinks and live music at The Exchange bar or the Aviator bar next to Escapology! Hope to see you all there for a fun time with friends!!

BELOW is the description of the Shanghaied escape room!

Hong Kong, December 26, 1848.
You have been relaxing in Hong Kong harbor celebrating Christmas and a friendly man has befriended you and started to buy you drinks. That is the last thing you remember that night.
The next day you wake aboard the huge 3-masted 800-ton Chinese ship called the Keying that has set sail on the arduous and risk filled journey to the United States and Britain around the perilous Cape Horn.
You quickly realize that you have been fooled by the King of the Crimps, Joseph "Bunko" Kelly and forcefully drafted to work with the ships company of 12 British and 30 Cantonese sailors.
Ahead lies months, if not years, of dangerous, unhealthy, unsanitary conditions with little hope of pay. After weeks on the open sea, an impending storm drives the ship to seek refuge on a small island known to the locals as Samui.
While in the ship’s mess hall, you start to hear a familiar sea song: “Way ay up she rises, way ay up she rises, way ay up she rises early in the morning.” The crew is starting to prepare the ship to set sail!
Looking around the room, you make eye contact with a few of your shipmates, everyone quickly realizes, now is your only chance to escape! The Keying will set sail again in an hour as the tide waits for no man.
Your Captain, Charles Alfred Kellett, is no fool and it will not be easy to escape for he has rigged many obstacles.
The risks are high. If caught, you face a lifetime of punishment or worse, you could be hanged! The next 60 minutes will change your life forever.
You and your shipmates, must solve the clues, answer the riddles, find the hidden map, and get off the ship. Leave no stone unturned and above all, don’t forget to watch the clock for time is of the essence! Do you have what it takes to escape the clutches of Captain Kellett?