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It's natural to grow and advance through life. "Get Out of Stuck" is a recovery and empowerment meeting for people who feel they are are not moving. Each person has different reasons, but the experience is similar: Burnout, confusion, self doubt and crisis-fatigue are common. Lack of power and purpose from facing chronic obstacles, feeling overwhelmed. This is sometimes due to internal bad habits: old ways of procrastination; does getting started feel like some epic, uphill battle? Or a lifelong habit of not finishing things. But also external: you can lose parts of your life trying to satisfy difficult people. Or, on life's climb, getting permanently stuck on plateaus. And now wondering if you will get these losses back.

We meet on Zoom twice a week. This is an open group. First name basis. Meetings are non-critical. We use life coach points. Sharing, supportive, encouraging but meetings are future-oriented, and not for celebrating past crises. We try out new directions and new options. Check out what adversity looks like from different angles: example what do the Stoics say about obstacles? Learn self-starting, accountability. Find the secrets, and rise again.This group has been running for years, is now running twice weekly and has empowered many people. From purposeless, scared and indecision to looking forward to life, new growth, and new achievement.

Each Tuesday at 6:00 pm (PT) and Saturday at 7:00pm (PT). Walk ins welcome, (though meetings are on zoom): Tuesday 6:00 zoom 821 2569 7129, Saturday 7:00pm 860, 0763 6223 - the password for both is sharelove.

Beginners welcome. Everybody works at their own speed; the meetings are beginner friendly. Free (donations welcome).

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Twice weekly: Get Out Of Stuck meeting. Zoom. Tuesday 6:00pm, Saturday 7:00pm.

Peer support group. Currently, all meetings on zoom. Even if the stuck is deep, or feels self sealing, most people don't grow and change because of safety. Recognizes each individual has their own growth style, we reach the point of feeling its safe to grow and change. Explores: goal setting, accountability. Uses some life coach points. Mutual support through sharing. Dealing with crisis-fatigue. Supportive, encouraging. Always beginner friendly. Witness other people doing it. Normal conditions, meet in Culver City but now walk-in to a virtual meetings Tuesday at 6:00 pm Zoom[masked] pwd sharelove and Saturday 7 pm[masked] pwd sharelove (hosted by the Share Center). Welcome to bring a friend. Free, donations welcome.

Get Out Of Stuck


Get Out of Stuck is 1.5 hr. meeting, twice a week, for people who are not growing or advancing in life often due to old problems, bad habits and dysfunctional patterns such as procrastination, avoidance, no direction, unhealthy dependencies, low motivation, not finishing what you start. Now break through blocks and obstacles. Bring a problem, and work on it with group support to find direction, motivation, and growth. Uses the same format as most self-help meetings: voluntary sharing, but the tools include plain self-help concepts, some life-coach, for self-starting, lateral thinking, installing good habits, accountability, goal setting. This is an open meeting, running for over a year, and many, many people have found connection and real results. Now expanded to every Tuesday at 6:00 pm (PDT) zoom[masked] and every Saturday at 7:00 pm (PDT) zoom[masked] both passwords: sharelove. Physical location - Unity Room, Share Center, 6666 Green Valley Cir., Culver City 90230. RSVP not required. Please pass this information to anyone interested, and bring a friend. Free.

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Self help "Get Out Of Stuck" meetings have given many the turn from an unfocused, lack of purpose life to a meaningful, motivated thriving direction. Focus on growth. Saturdays 7pm Zoom[masked] password sharelove (hosted by the Share Center). Newcomers welcome. Free.

Get Out Of Stuck


"Get Out of Stuck" is designed for people who feel they are are not growing or advancing, so are losing part of life.

This is an open group, and we work on first name basis. Meetings are supportive and non-critical. This group has been running weekly for over two years and has helped many, many people. Beginners welcome.

Voluntary sharing. No 12-Step ideology, nor special concepts. Only straightforward vocabulary. Beginners welcome.

Meetings are on zoom: Each Tuesday at 6:00 pm (PT) and Saturday at 7:00pm (PT). Tuesday 6:00 zoom[masked], Saturday 7:00pm[masked] - the password for both is sharelove.

If you think avoidance is a big part of your life; and wondering if you're going to get that part back; if you think this meeting might be for you, it probably is. RSVP not required, walk-ins welcome, and it's free.

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