What we're about

Craving a place where you can talk about something OTHER than “what do you do” or “where did you go to school” and actually connect with people?

Tired of trying to meet new folks in loud bars with unfulfilling conversations that lack spark or connection?

Wanting more depth and variety in your current relationship with your partner, spouse or friends?

Sometimes loud, sometimes intensely quiet, sometimes risky... Always fun and revealing, Games Nights were born of the Authentic Relating movement sparked by Authentic World LLC and the Integral Center in California and Colorado. San Antonio's Get Real Games will provide a program to introduce people to some fun and possible new ways of relating through games, exercises, and activities to stretch us as we explore the frontiers of highly personal & interactive experiences together. Come help create a community of people living life with a zest and zeal thats deeply authentic and connected

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Let's Get Real!

Alamo City Studios